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ASP Pistols

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I am interested in exchanging information with collectors/users of the ASP as well as Seventrees leather.


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I have had two ASP's the first was a steel frame model and I purchased it from A San Diego County Police Officer who had purchased it as new complete with the Glaser 9mm Black Tip rounds and Seventrees hoslter they were enclosing with the pistols at the time.
I sold it to the manager at Archery Otufitters in Mongomeryvile PA and he still has it.
My second ASP was based on the alloy frame and I had it Black T finished by Walter.
It was extremely accurate and Mark Garrity reproduced an excellent Seventrees IWB for me. I actually carried this pistol for a time
and it saved me from a particuarly nasty attack by a 90lb dog. Ken Null also made me
an ankle holster for it.
A few years back I fully researched the Seventrees company and assembled a large amount of print on the ASP including several cover shots, gun tests and background on the project.
Fully enough for a full dossier and I debated releasing a book on the history of the ASP.
I submitted the material to LFP Publications at the time and I was informed that interest was not high enough and the documents could not be used without my having obtained the releases.
I believe the gentleman I sold the pistols too still has all of the original information and I kept a copy of my manuscripts, perhaps if interest is high enough I may self publish the book.
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Well...after hearing you traded a TRS for one, I figured they must be pretty cool. I'd love to see any pics available. The only ones I've seen are in an old magazine that I happened on...They weren't "feature" pics and the detail isn't that great...TIA...Lucky Dog

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I was lucky enough to own 3 ASPs. The 2 ASP 9mm that I mentioned in the other post concerning an ASP2002 and also one of the .44 Spl revolvers built on a Ruger Speed Six frame.
All 3 came to me second hand over the years from a wealthy gentleman who I did protection and security work for. I carried and used the 2 9mm's but bought and then sold the .44 Spl on the same day (doubled my money, how foolish could I be).
A few years ago I went through a cleaning out kick and threw away all the old articles and printed materials I had (the American Handgunner issue with the ASP on the cover; S.W.A.T. with the article by Chris McLaughlin; stuff from ASP of Wisc. under Dr. K. Parsons). The only thing I still have is one of the manuals on the 9mm.
Well, I am the Inventor of the ASP and the original founder of Seventrees & ASP. I can give you any information that you may need on any of my former products and designs.

Only Seen In The Best Places....
Welcome to the forum. As an ASP owner I would love to hear some of the history behind it's development. Are you currently working on any gun projects you can tell us about?
Having owned one for a short time, Id love to hear about how the ASP came to be, no specific questions, but any time you want to tell us the tale long or short I'd love to hear it first-hand from you.
Was that really Paris Theodore or was someone taking the Mick.

Mr Theodore, if your really out there, I,d love to exchange some views.

Rob, did I ever send you a copy of the Popular Guns article written in 74? If not, let me know and I'll send a copy to you.

J. Bulman
The person posting as ParisTheo wrote "Only Seen In The Best Places.... " and the correct slogan is "Unseen in the best places." (the slogan is now owned and used by Ken Null). I don't think Paris Theodore would get that wrong. Also, I'm sorry to say, as far as I understand, Mr. Theodore's health is not such that he's likely to be posting.

That is correct, Mr. Theodore is in poor health. I cann't imagine that the post was made by him.
There is at least one or two folks on the list who are still in contact with Mr. Theodore. He does indeed read this forum on occasion and is registered under his own name here.

His health may keep him from answering questions in an open forum.
Glad to see he partisipates in the discussions. Now, if I could just get him to sign my Seventrees Ltd. poster, showing him shooting a PPK.
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