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Awesome Alessi "GWH" 1911 w/ Stingray!

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Today I received an incredible IWB leather piece from Dane Burns. It is a 1911 holster with Stingray trim...words cannot do it justice.

The leather is a deep brown marbled color, the stingray trim / belt-loop a beautiful contrasting black with "natural" colored accents. A work of art.

Dane and Lou, the design is excellent. Fits perfectly, hides well, very comfortable. This will be worn for many, many years. :grin:
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Bruce, Just don't try to sand that Sting Ray.
Remember what I said about the smell! :grin:
Thanks for the compliment. Just one more thing for my wife and daughter to memorize..
Seems like a "fair" holster :smile:

You would think Luigi would take care of his two best customers? Us poor smiths can't get the fancy stuff!

We build him fancy blasters and he sends us both BLACK holsters :grin:


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OK, OK,.,Don't beat me up any more! I'll get them out this week. While you were gone, Dick (the MASTER pistolsmith, and dance choreographer) Heinie, told me I had to get his order done. Now unlike you Rupert, I don't like to argue with people, so I just had to bow to the master. You're next up though!
I WAS trying to be nice, but "Rupert" three times in one day?

Now Luigi, Oz and Fred Astair (aka Dick H) are all calling me RUPERT!

Hard to take this job seriously!
Dane, are you THE Rupert Holmes of "Pina' Colada" fame? Man, I didn't know you could sing! With you singing and Heinie dancing you could put an act together!

I would pay GOOD MONEY to see that!.... :smile:

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I hear there are two more GWHs entering the world soon:) I begrudingly offered some of my special select ray skin up to the dancing Meistro himself....as a bribe to get my guns actually done in that 7 year period :smile:

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Patience my friend and I'll see what I can do...but AWESOME would be a good descriptor of these two speial editions to the Alessi line. Shell Cordovan and ray skin is striking.

No Shay..you didn't get one:) That is not the surprise!
Alessi/BCP GWH inside the pant holster in ray skin and shell cordovan.

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The gun in the holster aint bad either :lol:
I had been looking at a couple of holsters from Milt Sparks (Executive Companion, Versa Max II). Mainly considering these two because I thought the might be a little more comfortable for the excess baggage I'm carrying around the middle. Started looking at the GWH! For any of you that purchased this holster with the same problem spread, exactly how comfortable is this holster to wear?

It's great. It's the only holster I've found comfortable to wear in my car...combination of a fat ass and aggressive side bolsters on the seat don't leave much room for the gun.
Now, Rupert: Are you whining to Luigi? Say it isn't so!

Luigi: How can you stand it? The horrific noise! Peltors to the rescue... :lol:
Well I've ordered my GWH from Mr. Burns for my Kimber Compact .45. I'm looking forward to its arrival. Anyone have an idea what the current waiting period is on the holster?

Tim,,about a year and a half...:grin: only kidding..We are making up an order for Dane right now. It should be about two weeks away.
Thanks for the order, and let us know if you like the holster.
Where have I heard the term "speedy delivery" before. Is the timing just right or do you always work this fast?

The actual idea is to keep some of the Alessi/BCP magical holsters in stock and ready for immediate delivery. The orders far out reached my and Lou's original expectations. The first wave of demand was for ACPs which I now have in stock for the Commander and smaller and a few for a 5" in brown. The GWH has been a sleeper and now out sells the ACP, 4 or 5 to one....poor Lou is working his fingers to the bone....a normal man could never stand the strain :grin:

I figure by August I will have both rigs in stock and ready for immediate shipment at any time. Right Luigi?
On 2001-05-17 19:03, Dane Burns wrote:
poor Lou is working his fingers to the bone....a normal man could never stand the strain :grin:

I figure by August I will have both rigs in stock and ready for immediate shipment at any time. Right Luigi
Dane, right, but what exactly do you mean by
"a normal man"?? HUH??
Alessi Holsters, Inc.
You'll never know it's there, until you need it..

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Ya got any of those is stock? Price?
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