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Got into the squadroom thursday am, late night officers told me we had a suicide the preceding night, when they told me the address I asked them if it was the victim, gut reaction. I had dealt with her on a questionable situation she had gotten into. She had a lot of demons, seems they overcame her.
Weapon used was a 9mm with 115gr ball ammo. Initally the detective assigned wasnt sure it was a suicide due to the wounding in her face and the relation to where the bullet was recovered. She held the weapon right to her face just under the left side orbital area. Looking at the photos they look exactly backwards from what you expect. The contact area had extreme avulsion of the soft tissue and a lot of bleeding. The detective finally found a small area in the back of the head where the exit wound was. Small slit area. Exactly opposite of what you would normally expect in a gunshot wound.
One normally expects one small entry point and a larger exit area, and this is true with most hollowpoint type rounds in my experience. I guess the reason for this post is things arent always as they appear.

The 9mm round went through the cerebellum past the brain stem, no suffering. There was quite a permanent wound channel(probably due to the liquid like construction of the brain) through the brain which I equate to the close proximity of the muzzle to the skull, which kept alot of the gas into the wound site. And of course with hardball, it went through and lodged into the ceiling with authority.

Moral of my post, doesnt really matter what you use(most of the time), but Shot placement that counts. Hope someone finds this useful, Be safe, DougC
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