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BarSto Drop In Barrel for the USP40?

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Just curious if anyone here has one of these in there USP, and what you think of them. Was ANY fitting required at all, or was it just a straight drop in. How do you feel it compares to the factory USP barrel? Thanks :smile:
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Bar-sto drop ins might not just drop in. I have had to fit 2 drop ins into Glocks.

Accuracy wise, the USP factory barrel is plenty accurate. I dont think much will be gained in that area with a bar-sto. If your concerned about leading in the polygon barrel thats a different matter. I shoot only ball or copper plated in all my semi's, so it's not an issue with me.
If you have a gunsmith fit the barrel, you can get amazing accuracy out of it. Bruce Gray told me that he fitted a Bar-Sto barrel to a USPc45 and it shoots 2" groups at 50 yards.
The USP series of pistol are assembled in a "loose" fit state. If you could have a skilled pistol smith fit an oversize Polygonal it would of course by design be more accurate than the Barsto barrel. Since we cannot purchase HK oversize barrels a properly fitted Barsto barrel will achieve a significant increase in accuracy. Barsto's drops in barrels are in fact "semi" drop in.
The barrel hood and lugs are left slightly oversize to ensure they can fit even the sloppiest factory slides. In most cases you will need to either slightly fit the "drop in" barrel or shoot it in and allow it to seat itself.
To achieve the highest level of accuracy you will need a Barsto gunsmith fit barrel and allow a skilled pistol smith to fit the barrel for you. IMO George Smith, Bruce Gray or a smith with HK experience would be a good choice.
David and crew,

Thanks for the info :smile: Do you have contact info for George Smith or Bruce Gray? Thanks again guys :smile:

HEY Peter, I live in Adams County, in Westminster actually. Nice to see a local guy here :grin:

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George Smith can be reached at EGW.
I could not locate the link for Bruce Gray's website.???
Why not have BarSto fit a barrel to your HK?
They did this on my Glock 35 and it is a fantastic setup.
I think that for me barrel fitting is such an easy propostiion combined with the fact that I do not want to wait and like the idea of fitting the barrels myself.
Also I've probably done five or six dozen and stopped ruining them about 40 barrels ago so it became a non-issue and I like spending the time as it is a sort of "break" allowing time for thought (internet posting) as I do it and your USP with fitted Barsto should give 1" to sub 1" groups @ 25 yards.
After reading these posts I was wondering if any of you have had any experience with a Jarvis barrel. I am in the throughs of deciding which barrel to go with for my .45F I would like to get an extended (5")non-threaded barrel with O-ring, any idea if barsto even makes these?
if you get a bar-sto barrel for a hk uspc and it does not fit just how do you fit it.just how much skill and know how does it take to do it,thanks,keith
well mine did fit and shoots great as long as i load it to a col of 1.135
8) In answer to Achil. I droped a Jarvis Custom Tactical length (5.07") non-threaded barrel into my USP 45F. It fits and shoots great=accurate. It doesn't look like the threaded Tactical.....etc...etc. It just works well. The Jarvis has conventional rifeling and an O-ring. Barrel sticks out of the slide about 1/2 inch...sort of like a Beretta 92. "It works for me."
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