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BCP 1911 In GUNS Magazine

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I just got a peek at the pistol Dane just shipped to GUNS magazine. Nice pistol! It was commisioned by Terry Peters for his P&T Partners business and will be given away as a promotion for the magazine.

For those that don't know Terry, he is one of the good guys who specializes in selling custom (or production custom) 1911s. He will be the exclusive dealer for the P&T Partners / BCP model. For more info, contact Terry.

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What a beautiful piece. This business combo should really bring out some great stuff. Having several of Dane's pistols I can assure you...you will be amazed:)
Gotta get me one 'uh dem magazines. Oops forgot, I'm in Kali. Probably can't take delivery even if I win. :mad:
Damn, why can't some of this talent move north of the border. Do you know the crap we Canadians have to put up with to get a custom gun over the border?

Dane, I know I can talk my wife into giving you the spare bedroom, and a corner of our basement. Just build me one of them there shootin' irons. OK, she'll make you breakfast in bed on Sundays too. I think.
Now thats what you call a sweet piece.
Very nice indeed. How about telling us how it specs out. :smile:
Bravo!! From what can be discerned in the photo, this package combines what I would consider to be an exceptional combination of features. Any advance details would be most welcome.

Also, a couple of follow-on queries here, if I may ...

Is this built on a Kimber-based package, or are frames & slides coming from Jericho (or elsewhere) in the white? In other words, who's actually resourcing the base gun?

Who's manning the waiting list? Terry, I presume? Any way to beat the post-publication rush?

Any predictions as to when the guns should be available or perhaps a target retail figure?

Looks like my trusy Wilsons and die-hard Colts just became hopelessly obsolete ... should have seen this one coming. :smile:

Beautful work, as always DB.

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Thanks for the compliment Chuck.

The frame and slide will be from Jericho. Either Nowlin, CMC (unlikely because of a major price increase) or Kimber.

The gun pictured is a CMC frame and slide set that is hard chromed by Metaloy.

This is the basic Model T approach to marketing.

Guns will be available in chrome or Birdsong Black T. Heinie Slant Pros with or without inserts. Frames will come standard with 30 LPI serrrations on the front strap and 20lpi serrations on the back. Checkering, ambi safety or scallops are the primary other options.

I will be hand fitting each gun to my spec.

They are basically the FED model from my web site, http://www.burnscustom.com. with little change. Terry has the base pricing which is around $1700 as pictured. I haven't kept up on the option pricing but we'll have that info soon.

Terry is taking the orders. He can hook you up pre publication no problem.

We are currently looking at 6 month delivery times after the article. Who knows how long that will last :roll:

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Lot of gun for the money.

Odd, I sit here with two of Dane's pistols, both working great...yet I think to myself "yes, you really do NEED another...go ahead, make the call...." :grin:

I would go seek professional help for this problem, but fear they may find more wrong with me than a weaponry addiction. :smile:
Many thanks for the informative reply Dane. My enthusiasm for the BCP concept is growing steadily ... and, as I recall, it started out at a fever pitch to begin with!

I've one additional question that relates back to your comments regarding base gun selection. Given that Jericho is providing major components for a number of custom/semi-custom firms, would it be possible for you to shed some light on the comparative merits of one versus another? Acknowledging that this is a highly subjective area, I am simply interested in your informal opinion as a pistolsmith.

For example, is a semi-prepped Nowlin spec frame going to be appreciably different from a CMC? I realize that there are some proprietary variations involved, but am not at all familiar with the particulars. So, who is really setting the standard here?

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I currently have CMC, Nowlin, Wilson and Kimber frames in house.

All of them make claims to be better than the rest. All have slightly different pricing. Other than the Wilson beavertail cut I can't see a bit of difference in any of them if fitted to a oversize slide correctly.
Sounds like a case where you can literally end up paying for the name. (I won't be the first to cast a stone here, however, as I could probably see myself paying a few extra dollars for something this vain.)

Thanks again, Dane. I'll let it rest now. :smile:

This initial response to this posting has been quite impressive as to the number of inquiries.

The basic package is an excellent value.

As Dane said we will begin taking orders after the magazine comes out.

Until then, Dane and I are working out the fine details.

With conflicting work schedules, mostly mine, (my other full-time job, the LEO business is booming and with a pending house move) time is very scarce commodity. So if there is a delay in response from me please be patient and do not hesitate to send another swift kick in my email if I do not respond in a timely manner.
Be safe and keep the brass flying

Terry Peters


Do your research but you get what you pay for front end or back end.

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The pistol sounds great...couple of questions please. Does the pistol come exactly that way, or can or would Mr. Burns complete th package similar in size to the Kimber Procarry? I'm looking for a custom pistol about the size of the Pro carry or Colt's commander. Otherwise, is there a reserve or waitlist???? I want one!

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Sorry this took so long. The guns sold through P-T Partners, at this price, are 5" guns only, with little options past chrome or Black T, nite sights or not.

The 2 page color photo in the current issue of "GUNS" magazine gives you a better look at the P-T Partners FED package.

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Really a nice gun, we in California will be unable to buy it because of our gun laws. The CA DOJ has a list of autorized guns and only those on the list may be brought into or sold in the state. To buy a custom gun is a big deal to me, its the loss of our freedom in this state that bugs me. Good luck to Terry and Dane for their efforts, I wish them the best! It is the hand fitting that makes the quality difference in a product such as Danes .45, they will be around for a long time.

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Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn O man, that sure is SWEET looking. Good job there Dane :grin:

Which issue of "Guns" is this pistol featured in? The June or July issue? Thanks guys :smile:

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Yep that is a nice gun, may have to get me one.

Ya Know if i lived in california i would definitely move. This should be a wake up to all of us about how quickly we can loose it ALL.
It's really pathetic here in the PRK. I have lost all faith in politician's ability to do the right thing.

Back to topic... I got my copy of Guns today. Great photo of the gun. Dane, you've got another fan... perhaps one day I can get one :smile:

Wow, that's a sweetie. And an off-the-shelf gun from Dane is a brilliant idea. I may have to get me one of those. I can't stand waiting. That's a big part of the reason I've never purchased a full-house custom gun from one of the big name 'smiths -- I'm too damn impatient.

Just occured to me though, does this mean we'll have to move discussion of BCP guns to the semi-custom forum? :grin: :grin:

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