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BCP Wave Pistol Companion

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Edge NL Signature One Laser Amplifier

For those lucky individuals that commissioned a BCP *Full Wave* pistol -- and happen to be audiophiles as well -- here is the perfect amp for you. Well, actual they are a monoblock design, so you will need to buy a pair. Imagine how nice the Edge Amplifiers would a match a pair of *Full Wave* pistols... and a pair of these beauties sell for only $31,000 :cool: . But hey, they did recently garner Harry Pearson's (of The Absolute Sound) Editor's Choice nomination.


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Yeah, well, I'll bet that even without an amp, the BCP pistol puts out more watts!
Not to argue that is a Dual monoblock case. Which would mean you have two mono blocks in each wave case. So you have 400W on each of the two channels running at 8ohms. Not a bad amp though. With two transformers per monoblock and four per case it makes a quite efficient package.

But all this is WAY off topic. To get back on topic, I can't wait to see pictures of the full wave gun!!!! Maybe I should start dreaming for a best grade wave. hmmm
So Danes creativity is already being "knocked-off" by another "Entertainment" Industry?
What is the one shot stop capabilities of those amps! :grin: Mike

Not to pick nits, but it is NOT "a dual monoblock case" [meaning it has two monoblocks contained in one case (chassis), thereby only requiring one chassis for stereophonic reproduction]. Quoting from Edge's web site; the NL Sig 1 is a "Dual Chassis Monoblock design with four 1500 VA Toroidal transformers (two per chassis)". Slight correction on the price -- it is actually $31,200 for the pair. I hope that doesn't stop anyone from considering these superb amplifiers. :grin:


As an audiophile from the early 70's I applaude your taste in amplifiers.

Ok, now we got the subwoffers powered, what about the bass, midrange, and high freqs ? Your not going to tell me you want to use these as full spectrum amps? Triamplification with passive crossover box is the only way to fly, and subwoofer under 40 Hz, ok maybe 30 hz. Now were cooking with grease.
What? No MacIntosh Amps with the huge vacuum tubes?
I appologize and stand corrected. As for the tube amps. My ears were always of the tube pre-amp, solid state amp variety. Of course then there is the whole what speakers deserve that kind of quality amps?

And 31,200 for the pair is a bit out of my budget. Just think of all the custom 1911's I could get for that!! At least 3 or 4 REALLY nice ones, LOL.

Right now my budget is holding me at the Marantz, PSB level. My ears don't complain to often. Though it is nice to go into a real audio lab and listen to what the big bucks can get you.
Just coming across this thread. My dream choice? Wavelength Audio Napoleon Silver Reference SETs, 8 watts of 300B heaven. Speakers? Avantgarde TRIOs.

My system now, however, is a bit more sedate, Grado RS-1s, driven by an Earmax Pro headphone amp and Jolida JD603A tube CD player.

Hope it is not dreadfully off topic, but with what are my audiophile, gun-toting friends out there listening?
Speakers - B&W 801
Amp - Nakamichi PA-7
Pre-amp - Nakamichi CA-7
CD Player - Nakamichi OMS-7II
Pistol - Colt Government 70-Series, Tuned by Novak's .45 Shop.

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