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Bear TRS slide problem?

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Just picked up my bear today but... the TRS'slide does not seem to go forward each time the gun is being fired (because the safety cannot be engaged). Each time I get a misfire, I would have to push the slide forward to lock it. Each time after doing so, the gun fires the round with no problem.
Any suggestion would help me...
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Ahem...that IS the problem. I couldn't have cared less until I found myself in there one day and they had a brand new Premier II...I handled it a bit and finally got the slide back and checked it over pretty good. It looked good, felt good, and even fit my holster good.....sooo...

...I left and haven't been back...and... I'm not goin' back 'til I have all the monthly obligations finished! That's how much I liked it!
I'll be headed back in about a week...If it's still there at the same price...I'm afraid it's a GONER!!!
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hey gyp_c, i know the feeling! when i got my premier II a few monts ago i figured it would be the last 1911 i'd buy for a while... then i saw all the pics that were posted here for the TRS hard chrome. ooooohhh's and aaaaaahh's followed and i thought to myself, "gee it has 'been a while'" and so i started looking. talking with allan yoast revealed that he had a blued TRS and was expecting some TRS hard chromes in a few weeks. so in a classic moment of weakness i told him i would take the blued one now and a HC one when he gets them and i proceeded to send him a check..... if my premier II's any indication, there will be NO REGRETS!
...stop it...yer' killin' me!

...It's the same with me...once I get started, I can't stop!!!
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21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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