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I had a lesson this week on why its best to buy your customized firearm from one man shops. I bought an 870 Remington from Gun Site Gunsmithy last week and practically speaking the only things that worked properly were the back boring from Vang Comp and the Sure Fire Light System. The safety they put on from Scattergun Technolgy had to be pushed off and on several times before the shotgun would go off safe. Also Gun Site
" forgot" to remove the dimples inside the magazine tube so the extended magazine was useless. One of the screws was missing from the side saddle carrier. This was really a firearm that inspired enormous amounts of confidence that you could depend on its proper functioning to save your life. My take on the whole affair is from now on I will only deal with custom shops run by one or two guys who live and die by their reputation.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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