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I just recently bought a DE XIX and Leupold Gilmore LG-35. The LG-35 is mounted as the Magnum Research website shows, with 2 scope rings that are Leupold OEM. The mounting method insinuated by this photo is incorrect; I have been in direct contact with the Magnum Research gunsmiths and the Leupold product support technicians. They both agree the mounts are not strong enough to avoid damaging the LG-35. Magnum Research has discontinued LG-35 sales; Leupold pretty much guarantees problems if any Leupold Gilmore Red Dot is mounted on a DE XIX (any caliber) if it is mounted with only THREE scope rings. They did not exclude problems with the DE XIX .357. They suggest mounting the Red Dot scopes with 4 scope rings, available from only Leupold of course, at a cost of $20 plus $20 S & H. Additionally, a scope base from B-Square must be purchased (product # 42907[blue] or 42908[SS]) to allow mounting the LG series to a DE XIX of any caliber. The cost for the B-Square mount is $65.

Obviously, the poor support from Leupold for their obvious lack of quality control is infuriating for those who have experienced problems, and just as financially annoying to all LG scope users. The lack of support from Leupold and the additional cost of $105 is something that must be weighed heavily for all those DE owners (including Mark I, II, and VII owners) if they are considering the purchase of a Leupold product. Leupold calls the problem an "inconvenience"!! See their response below.

>From: Brett Nelson <[email protected]>

>To: "[email protected]'" <[email protected]>

>Subject: Leupold

>Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 07:25:29 -0700

>Unfortunately we don't have any 'recall' program. We don't make a base for

>the DE 50 AE. We recommend the three to four rings because the amount of

>recoil the caliber has. You don't have to use three to four rings, but the

>strength will be greatly increased and you won't have a problem, where-as


>you use two rings you will probably have a problem. Sorry for the



>Brett Nelson

>Leupold Product Specialist

>[email protected]



>Leupold Customer Service

>Product Specialist Group

>Phone (503) 526-1400

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This doesn't sound like a problem with the sight failing, but with the mounts. As a result, it seems to me that the blame should go with MR's marketing department for taking a picture of a poorly mounted scope, implying that there wouldn't be problems. This is the heaviest-recoiling semiautomatic pistol available, isn't it? And isn't the mounting pictured the same as that used for 9mm, .40, .45, and 10mm pistols about 100 times more often than the same would be used on a .50AE? Does the scope need more than 2 rings in that situation? A little common sense might help ease the applicability of this "product warning".

I'm sorry to come across harshly, but blaming Leupold, a company with a long history of excellent products and excellent customer service, in a message that implies (there's that word again) that there's a problem with the SIGHT, strikes me as unfair. If the sight breaks, you can send it back to them, and they'll fix it for free, no questions asked. If you mount a scope with just 2 rings on a heavy-caliber rifle, I'd be willing to bet that the rings would fail also. Is that the manufacturer's fault as well?

People today seem to suffer from a substantial lack of willingness to take personal responsibility for the decisions we make. This results in all sorts of negative things: frivolous lawsuits, increased prices ($20 S&H?!? THAT's criminal!) and the expectation that once we give someone money for something, that we no longer have any responsibility to think about the use of that which we purchased.
Alright, I'm done with my rant now, and again, I apologize if I offended you, but I was offended by this "Leupold Scope doesn't withstand recoil" post title, when your point is that "Desert Eagle .50 recoil requires 4 rings".

Does it work well with 4 rings? I'd be interested in a follow-up range report!

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Actually, the title of the post was "beware Leupold Gilmore Red Dot vs. Recoil", not "Leupold Scope doesn't withstand recoil".

The short answer is that Leupold will warranty the scope for two years because it's in writing on the back of the owner's manual. They admit they marketed the Leupold Gilmore Red Dot to Magnum Research without ever having QC'd it against any Desert Eagles.

Leupold will not support any effort to mount their scopes to DE's. To quote a Leupold 'Product Specialist', "We don't supply scope rings. They can be bought for $10 each and $20 shipping and handling, and there must be a scope mounting system on the open market that you can buy for the Desert Eagle."

That's Leupold's version of Customer Support.

I've heard some rifle shooters rave about Leupold CS, but I hit a stone wall with 3 emails and 2 phone calls. (Their reputation at SniperCountry is about 70-30.) A CS Supervisor referred me back to the CS desk, saying, "our Product Specialists are equipped to support this problem." Now that's what I call great CS.

Thankfully, B-Square has a great staff; they told me up front the B-Square mount would work, but needed two grooves cut into it. A Dremel and ~$110 later, I've fired 150 rounds of Samson 325 with no problems.
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