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The high power or CZ and the 9x23 would be a great combination, except for the fact the 9x23 is too long by 4mm. Thats too bad. I love the guns, I now love that cartridge. I suspect Dane is very right about the EAA/Tangfolio/Springfield P9 not holding up because a lot of work had to be done to keep them reliable for IPSC major Power Factor. With the P9 the ejector was part of the sear housing and if you did not weld up the housing or use set screws to the hold the housing the battering would shift it causing your trigger to change. Also the slide lock pin was very weak and specially heat treated and hardened pins were needed to handle the extra force by the high velocity rounds. Once it was set, it was a beautiful thing. I doubt very much the guns would last with 9x23. If you got it too run, I would hope your gunsmith lived close and he liked seeing you a lot. Mine did thankfully.
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