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i just love to shoot hi-powers, unfortunately, they are very hard for me shoot.

the first one i ever shot was a customized 9mm that i was allowed to shoot while taking a chl course. the rangemaster did not allow anyone to load more rounds than were required in a stage;many stages of 1-3 rounds. i kept having to clear the brass from the chamber after i fired. seemed that my hands were rubbing the slide, slowing it enough to keep it from functioning correctly. i shot it quite well, a 250x250, loved it and promptly went out and bought several. the 40 shoots the closest to p.o.a., while the 9mm guns aren't even close.
i have huge hands, they swallow the bhp, but i still love them. my hands fit the 1911 better, and i shoot them well, but i love hi powers.
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