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The 2001 Brian T. Bilby memorial pistol match is now, as they say, in the record books. The match was held Saturday June 9th at the beautiful facilities of Centerline Gun Club in Calhoun County, Michigan. Match organizer Greg Kennedy arranged for 10 practical and
challenging stages. Some of the stages were ones that Brian Bilby had formulated and
others came from the Greg Kennedy and a number of other of Brian's friends.

Even the weather cooperated in making this event a day of great fun with great people
and a fitting tribute to our departed friend Brian. A number of guns Brian had built were
on display and even more were in use by match participants. These beautifully-crafted
firearms underscored the impact of the loss of Brian on the practical shooting community.
Those of us who knew Brian, personally or via the telephone, e-mail, and internet forums, know that we lost even more. A special thanks to Greg Kennedy for all of his hard work in
setting up this event so that we might pay our respects to Brian in such a fitting way.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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