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Blue Dot and AA#5

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Need some start loads for 185JHP(Hornady) and 200JHP...Medium warm to start is good!

Also 200LSWC at less than 900...

If you have the chrono reading for the above, that would be great...

TIA :wink:
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Guess nobody uses this stuff...Hmmm...I have a thought...I'll let YOU know some decent loads for them in a week or so!

Blue dot is way too slow for 45 ACP and accurate Arms is way dirty. Gritty also. You end up with something like sand in the barrel after you shoot.

AF Shooting Team
Sorry gyp_c,

You know I would have helped you if I could !

I use Red-dot.
Hey Tom...what happens with the Blue-Dot? Not enough space for the charge? Doesn't burn? ??
AA5 leaves grit? Yuck!

So for warmer loads, in 230,200,185 what is more appropriate? Jacketed BTW...Thanks in advance...

I figured you're too busy for a coffe break, Shane;)
Try Clays. I'm using it in 230 LRN and it's clean burning and accurate.
I've been happy using Vihtavouri N340. Clean and it fills the case nicely.
I intend to use both those guys...I've just gotta' get a couple loads for this powder...I've got some start loads from a couple of my manuals and I went back through some old American Handgunner and Shooting, Guns, etc...to get a few more...
Gotta' be careful with those loads from the old magazines though...They are quite a bit "warmer" than those listed more recently! I'll have to start a bit further down than 10% to be safe...I'm wondrin' about Magnum primers for these? They really don't use much powder...8-10 grains max...Can't really see the need for 'em...:wink:
I'm gonna' load afew to take to the range this weekend...They'll have a Chrono and I can check 'em out...
Just wanna' find loads for all the different powders I have layin' around. Don't have anymore shotguns though...I DO have a 629 to play with though...Just figured these would be quick enough for some heavy huntin' loads or "somethin'"... :wink:
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I've had no problems with just the standard Winchester or Federal primers.
Have you loaded with these two powders Peter?
...If so, just curious about the loads and what they were used for and in which pistol...

TIA :wink:
One trouble I have run into lately using my old manuals and old recipes that I have used for forty years, the powder manufacturers seem to have changed the burning rates on some of them. For many years I have used 22 grs of 2400 for my 44 mag. Now the manufacturers manual gives 18.5 max. I am old [79] and old fashioned but the only old powder that does not seem to have changed is Unique. I use 6.5 gr with 230 lead RN cast
and it works real well for me. Maybe a little smokey with my Alox/beeswax lube but I am used to it and don't mind it.
Thanks guys...I'm gonna' load some tonight for the forum picnic and shootout on the weekend...I'll try to remember what happens;)

On 2001-04-21 00:27, gyp_c2 wrote:
Have you loaded with these two powders Peter?
...If so, just curious about the loads and what they were used for and in which pistol...

TIA :wink:
I have not used Clays (although I probably will give it a try when I do some more reloading). The VV load I use is a Rainier 200gr SWC over 6.5gr N340. I think the OAL I use is 1.240", but I could be mistaken there. This is my "normal" load for my Kimber Classic. It's a moderate load, and is at least as accurate as I am.

If you blow yourself up after reading this, I never heard of you... :grin:

Well...I tried my first 50 of a 200gr LSWC over 8.0grs of AA#5 with an OAL of 1.250...POA and one hole at 50 ft...No problems and low flash as well...I'm gonna' up it to the point that accuracy begins to degrade or at the first signs of pressure...I'll work up some with the BlueDot in the next batch...:wink:



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I just tryied #5 for the fist time the other night. 185 [email protected] of #5 near max load from manufactures web page. This seemed to be quite accurate and will try them in this weekend pin shoot. I also tryied 185LSWC @8.9 of #5 and it grouped 3 in the same hole @ 50". @ this point this is my practice round and the JHP my match round. All seemed HOT!(sharp) with no pressure signs . I will try some light 185 lSWC tonight (weather permitting )@7.2 of #5 this (if I remember right ) is min load of my Speer manule @ about 700 fps. Seem to like the powder so far....Keep me updated on progress with this powder.....Thanks ROFI
Same for you, Rofi, I'll up my loads for this next batch and add the BlueDot for the heavier loads...I'm waiting on some new bullet info for plated Raniers in a H&G 68 config...I think that's what I ordered, anyway, whatever it is, I'll post it here...:wink:
Well....I got my first chrony today (f1)and had to try it out. 185LSWC @8.9 grains of #5 = 187 PF an average of 1012fps (19 shots)SD=? i will have to calculate as this model does not do that for you :sad:

This seems odd but 185 JSWC @ 7.2 is rated but Speer ^just under 700 fps. Using 185LSWC (Percision Cast) average Velocity is 793fps good roud and acuruacy out of both but 7.2 seems to be a little dirty(may not be burning all the powder

Had a few GOld Dot 185 chronyed @1101 and 1085fps but I do not have the load was that 231 or #5? I only saved (found)2 shots left over from that batch. This is a good round I will have to try to duplicate.

This tool is GREAT . DOnt know how I did without it for so long....:smile:.....ROFI
Must of been #5 huh? Yeah...I'd like to have a nice one...Just another toy to get! That GDot load should be the #5...the Lee says 9.5 is max at 1082...that about right? The 231 is way down the list I have for efficiency with that bullet...The #5 even shows a 1050fps load for JHP using 9.7grains...

I've moved my LSWC 200 up to 9.0 of #5...that's where I think it wants to be...I'm gonna' load some XTPs at that weight as well...That may be the one I'll push on up to see where it'll go...I reall like the way this Champion feels with a 200gr...If I can get the combo I want withoutlosin' too much overall, I'll run with that for a while...
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