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I was going to start a new thread,
but will use your question to address
a problem I, and others, have had with
the Wilson adjustable.Let me begin by
saying I specifically instructed my
gunsmith to install the Wilson adjustable
rear sight on a Colt he started customizing
for me last year. I am sold on the set-up
insofar as the adjustability and sight
picture it provides. During a class,though,
the sight sheared off as I racked the slide.
The same racking motion I've used on other
guns with no problem. Fast forward to
last weekend. The Colt was finally ready
for me to pick up following the full
customization treatment, including a new
Wilson rear. I put thirty rounds through
it at the gunsmith's range and discovered the
horizontal adjustment screw had sheared off.
He installed a third Wilson on the spot.
He mentioned having the same problem with
another customer's gun.
This morning the gunsmith emailed me that
The same style Wilson adjustable rear sight
just broke on his gun (horizontal screw
sheared). That's four sights that I am aware
My gunsmith says Wilson has redesigned the
sight to address the problem. As it turns
out, the shearing of his sight was on the
newly redesigned model.
I am posting this only to let you know of
my experience and that of my gunsmith.
I do plan to continue to use the Wilson
sight because I like it and because they
DO stand behind their products.
Hope this is the type of information you
can use.

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Mat VDW..

It sheared just behind the vertical adjust-
ment screw, well forward of the blade.

Yes, my hand was over the sight grasping the
rear cocking serrations...Hand over slide,
rather than slingshot racking method.

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I like the STI rear sights. The Caspian’s are OK also, but the rear blade seems a little wide for my tastes. I like a rear blade just like the Heinie sight picture.

AF Shooting Team

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Since we're talking about Bomar style sights, I have a question. Can someone tell me how to remove the blade? The windage screw and nut appear to be staked together. Any help is appreciated.


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I had a set of LBC Bomar style sights that came with my PII. After 1k rounds the pin at the front of the site broke off. Les did send me a replacement pin but I chose to get a set of real Bomars instead. The Bomars fit perfectly. It seems wrong that overseas companies can make Bomar knockoffs without paying a cent of patent royalty.
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