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Kmart, one of the nation's largest firearm retailers, announced yesterday
that it will no longer sell handgun ammunition at its stores. The retailer
said this new policy will be implemented over the next 90 days, but the
complete phase-out will depend on how long it takes for stores to sell
their existing stocks. Kmart has been under pressure from anti-gun
extremists to stop selling firearms for some time, and while the company
claims it has been reviewing the issue of firearm and ammunition sales for
some time, this decision was announced one day after company executives
met with "gun control" advocates. It is disappointing to see a company
such as Kmart cave-in to pressure from a tiny minority of anti-gun
extremists, especially considering this is the same chain that fired Rosie
O'Donnell as its spokesman in 1999, shortly after the hypocritical talk
show host launched her infamous all-out assault on America's law-abiding
gun owners. But other firearm retailers are likely happy to hear there
will be one less business against which they must compete. The nation's
largest retailer, Wal-Mart Stores Inc., indicates it has no intention of
following Kmart's lead, and many gun owners are already indicating they
will no longer frequent Kmart for any shopping needs because of its
decision. If you wish to contact Kmart to comment on this decision, you
can call 1-866-KMART 4 U (1-866-562 7848), or you can send e-mail to
[email protected] (mailto:[email protected]).

****TIME FOR A BOYCOTT !!!****

It is most unfortunate when a business comes to forget the responsibilities that accompany public leadership in America.

Kmart has long held a position as one of "America's" retailers.
As such, it is truly in poor taste to forget or overlook the basis of American freedom.
To publicly shun these rights on the basis of fraudulent information propagated by Anti -USA gun control extremist organizations is unconscionable.

As a veteran and a man who swore an oath to defend the constitution I find their decision in truly poor taste and I will choose not to fund an Anti-US extremist group with my money.

If you choose to financially support and fund this retailer is your decision.

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Call and write Kmart explaining your disdain for their decision. I have. The lady on the phone said they have been swamped with calls like mine. If Kmart's sales are disrupted as a result of our boycott, other companies will take notice.

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Mine looked like this:

To Whom it May Concern,

In response the recent announcement of the KMART Corporation that it will cease/phase-out the sale of certain types of ammunition, I (and a great many others) will now cease/phase-out shopping at ANY of your stores. This includes my family's everyday Pharmacy needs, school clothes, Garden Shop supplies and everything from our Christmas shopping through the propane refills for my grill this summer. The works. We won't forget and you won't be seeing us at Back-to-School or Christmas sales.

I cannot patronize a retail chain that panders to the shrill demands and propaganda of an anti-Second Amendment group. What you have done will not save lives, improve society or cut crime. All it has accomplished is cutting your sales. As a former employee (4 years in the Loss Control department)I constantly heard, from DMs to Store Managers, complaints that the leadership in Troy was out of touch with reality. This move appears to prove their point.

If headquarters is still out there on Big Beaver Road in Troy, please pass this along to someone in Marketing. This corporate decision has just given a LARGE segment of the public with disposable income a big reason to shop at Wal-Mart... and we will.

Best regards,

Wendell Waldron
Atlanta, GA
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