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Brownell's Action Lube?

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Anybody tried this? Looks pretty good from the description, but just curious if anyone has had direct experience with it.
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I was just wondering the same thing. I had the triggers on two of my Glocks worked by JP Enterprises. JP uses an action grease and some lubes that he markets. For some reason...I cleaned the lube off. Now I am wishing that I had it back.

Has anyone else used the JP stuff? How does it compare to the Brownell's?

Here is a link to the JP page. http://www.jpar15.com/lubrican.htm
Brownell's ACTION LUBE is a great Moly based grease. It is ALOT like SENTRY SOLUTION's HI-SLIP grease...so much that I suspect that SENTRY re-packages their grease for BROWNELL's. Either way, its goooood stuff. Very slick, and it stays put. I use it alot on hammer/sear hooks and locking lugs. I'm sold on the stuff.

Sentry's website is http://www.sentrysolutions.com

Stay Sharp!

Will Fennell
Camillus Cutlery

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I have used Action Lube exclusively for 4 years. Great stuff. Stays put, and a little goes a looooooooooong way.
Anyone else have any experience with these lubes?

Here is what JP Enterprises says about there trigger lube:

HPL 3: JP Triggerprep
HPL 3 is hands down the best sear/trigger compound on the market. It will drop about 4-6 ounces off a good 1911 trigger setup and 6-8 ounces off our AR15 trigger system. In fact, we just can't use it on the 4.5 lb. DCM set-ups as we just cannot get up to the 4.5 lb. weight using this lubricant.
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