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Browning HP Practical

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Anyone tell me about this model and what isa average price? What about using it as a concealed carry outfit?
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Hello, IceCreamSoldier! Welcome. I'm not too sure on the price as there's such a variation due to HPs being hard to locate.
IF I really wanted a Practical, I'd pay up to about $600 for it as who can say when I might find another? Others here might have better takes on prices than I; that's just off the top of my head.

As to the Practical itself: It is basically just a variation on the standard MkIII series, i.e.: quality cast frame that's supposed to be stronger, dovetailed sights front and rear in both the fixed and adj sighted versions, hard chromed frame, matte finished slide, and Pachmayer rubber stocks. Like all of the HPs, it has the magazine disconnect, but that's easily remedied if not liked. The Practical comes with the Browning ball hammer rather than the spur found on the other models. It's not bigger than any other HP so if you don't consider the standard HP too big for concealed carry, you won't this one, either. It has the extended thumb safety levers on its ambidextrous safeties.

The Browning ball hammer tends to bite a bit more than does the spur in my experience, but I've heard (not confirmed) that FN's reduced the size to get away from this problem.

In the fixed sight version of the Practical, the front sight is more angled such than the semipost front sight on the Practical and Standard.

The gun is/was available in 9mm and .40 so if you get it in forty, the slide will be a bit thicker and the gun, a little heavier.

Hope this is of use.

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I, as usual, agree with my friend Stephen A. Camp. I have one in layaway and I will have paid $525 for it which includes Micarta grips. I have a passion for BHPs and I had to have it. Regards, Richard
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