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Burns custom 1911 in July 1999 Handguns

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I was looking through an old Hanguns magazine, July 1999 issue. When I noticed on page 110 a black & white picture of a customized Commander by R.D.Burns. The gun was the main award given away at the Rangemaster 2nd IDPA Winter Indoor event in February 1999.

Very nice looking gun, especially since it is a Commander model. It's got a nice melt job on a two tone finish. Sorry guys I don't have a scanner. It's not clear in the article who won the gun.........Mike
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Our own moderator, most excellent, Mike Benedict owns the now infamous BBQ gun...I played with it just a couple weeks ago :grin: Seems Mike got too much sauce on the gun and had to have a reputable smith fix it :wink:

That smith allowed me to hold it again. I was grateful to both parties :grin:

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Mike Benedict isn't listed as the winner in any of the catagories. How did he win this gun?.........Mike
You mean this gun?

Gun was given in a raffle for anyone who was actually in the macth. Mike has to be the luckiest guy around...which comes from living right I assume :grin: Free guns (he hasalso won at least one Glock), a lady, like Rosie, and he can shoot too :grin:

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Wow, that sure was a handsome pistol! :wink: <jk Mike!>

I hear it is now lubed with rendered chicken fat. :grin:

Yup, thats the gun, Except the grips are different. Mike must have swapped out those smooth "RangeMaster" grips in the picture.
That is one good looking pistol. The two tone is an attractive touch. The tactical grips are great. Is the wood Cocobolo?
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