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I have an STI 9X23 racegun that was built by Mark Schallat in Ohio and it has never missed a beat thru the 5,000 plus rounds I have fed it since this past Feb. ! This gun is a 6" LWDC with the unique slide. I Loved the way that it performed so much that it was inevitable.

So I called up Dawson's and had Dave build me a 40 twin but in stock form with a 6" STI bull barrel and iron sights. Dave did all the cuts and fitted the barrel, frame and slide, and I am working on the rest. The gun is tight to the point that I didn't expect it to run reliably right away but it did!

That was incredible to me and a statement to Dawson's work!

I don't believe that you would be making a bad choice to carry one of these! As far as leather goes Matt Delfatti does holsters for just about anything and his work is first class! http://www.delfatti.com/
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