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We sure can,
I have spent a fair amount of time with the UMP and USC .45 and I find them to be very controllable and quite accurate.

I do have some druthers with it, the first of which is the length of the stock or the lack of an adjustment function so that you can switch between "armored" short length and "open" long length on the UMP.

I also find that during operation if I have a good shoulder hold with the USC the gas tends to blow back near my face, not a big problem but I would prefer a better/tighter reciever seal to stop some of the blowback.

My only other complaint is that I hate the stock sights on both and much prefer a meprolight holosight.

Beyond those small issues the USC is really a great gun, some others have opined that the 10mm MP5 is a better shooter than the UMP and I would have to agree, but the UMP is less than half the cost and it runs very well even when completely filthy with junk ammo.

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I can't speak on the USC as I have had little experience with it; but our tactical team is using the UMP. It is not an MP5, but was not intended to be. It is much lighter and cheaper than an MP5. The UMP has proven to be utterly reliable. We have yet to experience a single malfunction with any of our guns on any of the selection settings. My one beef is the sights (agreeing with Mr DiFabio here). The rear peep sight aperture is too big, and I find myself relying on the notch sight option more and more for tighter precison.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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