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caring for my new acp

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i am now the proud owner of my first alessi holster, an acp for my beretta 92 courtesy of Dane (thank you, Dane)

it is really beautiful in design and detail and i'm still discovering the subtle molding touches. i was amazed at how secure it held the gun while allowing the smooth release without a lenghtly break-in.

now i would like to draw on the collective wisdom of how to take care of my new beauty. what to use and how often? it has been a while since i bought leather and most of my other stuff is plastic (i still have a summer special from my youth) and i know spraying the interior with silicone until it drips out (really,safariland duty rig) can't be right.

thanks in advance
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Here's a link to Lou's thoughts on "care & feeding" of {his Cult} Holsters.


The best gear is almost always the easiest to take care of!

http://www.c-rusty.com/pages/other%20pr ... glyde.html

"Speed is fine. Accuracy is final." CT

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