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Cast Vs. Forged ????????????

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Before someone goes into what the differences are I have that. I have been working on AR-15s for a while (hobby)and I personally wouldn't use a cast lower.
I am going to take my first stab at a 1911 and was wondering what the thoughts of cast frames were.I was always under the impression that Caspian was high quality,but I noticed that the frames were advertised in Brownells as cast.

I will be using the gun for IPSC L10,will the cast hold up as well as forged with 30,000 rounds through it?
I like the idea of the built in magwell but haven't actually looked at one yet.
What do the pro's recomend?
Thanks Steve
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Oh no you dont. Im not getting sucked into this one again. My lips are sealed. LMAO
Hey I was just asking a question,Am I missing something here?
Thanks for the link, It awnsered my question.
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