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Greetings folks. I've been buying cheap S&B .45 ammo in bulk for about $8 per box of 50, or $160 for a case (1000). I've also been buying S&B 9mm ammo in bulk for about $5 per box, and $100 per case.

I've since shot about a case of the 9mm through my Sig 226, but noticed getting some primer strikes that didn't ignite the cartridge on the first strike, but did so on the second. I'm a bit weary on using this stuff for competition, if the primers aren't going to ignite 100% of the time.

Thus, I'd like to ask you guys who have been reloading - Is there a significant difference in reloaded ammo vs. cheap ammo purchased in bulk? Is one necessarily cleaner or more accurate than the other, and does reloaded ammo suffer from primers not igniting?

I am a completely newbie when it comes to reloading, and thus I know nothing about the investment involved in getting started and reloading. If I were to get started, what would I have to purchase? Recommendations?

Your comments are appreciated here.

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