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OK, This will be a rant (and I bet I'm gonna stir up some ^%[email protected]). Please know it is not directed at any one or their opinion. I just want a place to say my piece and it feels right to do it here:

If China, or any other country, could fly a sophisticated intelligence aircraft anywhere near our boarders we would all be up in arms. Fact is it still happens all the time, planes and trawlers and subs from other countries test the borders and we watch them closely. SEVERAL times over the years our fighters and Russian aircraft have flown some very close formations and once in a while they bumped. This is nothing new, but landing your damaged expensive top-secret aircraft in a hostile foreign country is a first. I can't believe that was the appropriate and planned manner of dealing with this scenario. Bail, ditch, destroy and wait for pickup would be the more correct approach. It's also incredibly stupid to believe they should hold our spy plane secure and untouched, we certainly would not.

I suggest that the best course of action is to publicly apologize to both the Chinese government and their people. WHATEVER IT TAKES to get our people home and screw the lost technology, that should have been considered long ago.

My thought is that IF you intend to send our people in harms way then you had better have the guts to arm and defend them. I think if it is necessary to fly surveillance flights and gather intelligence in that manner that we should also send some escorts. If we can fly a P3 in international airspace, sending along a CAP of F-14s and a tanker should be no problem. They already know your there, that P3 ain't stealth technology. The precedence is already set, we CAP our major Naval assets all the time and enforce strict "NO FLY" zones.

I submit this was a screw-up and we should rethink the need for this type of risk, and if it is deemed necessary then do it right. Some third world "Maverick" shouldn't be able to get within bumber-car range. Or if we don't want to protect our people at least train them to ditch and destroy and be ready to pick them up quickly.

Just my $.02, but this saber rattling crap ONLY AFTER and ONLY BECAUSE we screwed up again just turns my stomach. I think George W. should get on his knees and beg for the safe and swift return of that crew, and never put anyone in that position again. We've got a lot of families here in Washington and all over the country praying for the safe return of sons and daughters. What if it were your daughters George? Don't turn this into another Pueblo.

By the way, George W. is no better or worse than any of the rest have ever been. If you seek that office for power and fame you will quickly learn to eat crow and take the blame for whatever happens on your watch. Now we get to see how he deals with pressure, so far I am not impressed.

I'd also like to suggest, well before it happens again, that the president should have to spend a day alone at The Wall and read the names and reflect before ever sending anyone anywhere for any reason. It's little to ask that such a precious currency be spent only after sober reflection.

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Couldn't agree more. Of course on both sides, it's politics as usual. Just a matter of who gets to save face, while soliders lives are tossed about like pawns in a chess match.
Webb in some ways I agree with you but; I flew in the Airforce for three years out of Offutt. Our sister squadren flew the same type of missions that the navy plane flew.This type of harrassment has been going on for some time. In the case of China it has intensified lately. I beleive in part because there is a group in China who intend on taking Tawain back at all cost. I think this is a test of our will to stand up to them. The technology we have given them in the past few years has enabled the Chinese to target our cities in this Country. Not a pleasant thought. Thease missions are very important to our security. The men who fly them understand and are willing to take the risks. I knew several of them when I was flying and Thank God we have American Men and Women willing to take the risk to protect all of us. I agree they should have ditched but with the weight of the plane it probably would have meant certain death to all of them. I understand that they were ordered to land on this Island. Someday we may know for sure. If we get the truth. We sure didn't get it in Nam. As far as apologizing ,,Never,,that is just my opinion.The politics of all of this is trade and the American companies who stand to lose. I could care less if I ever get another chinese product and try like h### not to by now...The real test for me is will GW have the courage and backbone to handle this situation. Right now I am not sure and only time will tell..I bet if you could ask those being held if they would want us to apoligize each and everyone would say hell no...They are professionals and deserve the resprect from all of us...this is meant in the spirit of my persaonal feelings and not to inflame or insult. Please take it that way. Having served in the Airforce during Nam and other situations we kenew what we were getting into and accepted the responbility..Our Country has not shown a good history of taking care of our brothers and we must make our feelings know. Which ever way you feel is right. So don't hesitate to make the calls to your Senators and GW. That to me is the only way to get their attention. Have a nice day Webb.Expressing your self shows how much you care....That in itself will help to bring them home..United We stand and Divided we fall...
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China should appologize to us for almost killing 24 of our people. The fact that their hotdogging pilot was killed is too bad.
George Bush or any other American shouldn't appologize for anything. Screw China....Mike
This is off the hostages topic but on China so:
Several friends stationed in the Phillipines tell me that Chinese Millitary Officers are currently running some serious drug and gun rings there and the Phillipine Government looks the other way.
Needless to say that the US Millitary Police are struggling with this issue.
Are the Chinese now buying into the Phillipines?
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