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Well, I don't think this post was directed at me, although my name is David too :smile: but I figure I'll chime in with my $.02 (BTW, why did I have to reregister? anyway)

I go to a local creek in middle Alabama with my friends almost every weekend. We swim, sunbathe (or watch the girls do it, whatever) tube down the rapids and whatever else strikes our fancy.
Every time I'm there, I have a GLOCK on my person. I do everything as i would otherwise, and jsut take about 10 minutes a week to detail strip the gun and get all the sand out. I've never had a hiccup with the GLOCKs, not even firing the 9mms underwater (doesn't cause all the shokwave damage that urban legends will tell you). BTW the pistol worked fine without the amphibious spring cups.
I have no signs of corrosion of any kind on any GLOCK, and I do not oil them except at the point where the trigger bar and connector meet. Of course, the sand wears the phosphate finish on all the non tenifered parts to a shiny silver and the slide and exposed part of the BBL to a dull sheen in a nylon holster, but since i switched to Kydex, no more wear problems.

Don't think I mistreat all firearms like this, in fact I care for them very much, its just that with the GLOCKs, i don't have to worry about them at all, and can go about my normal routine.

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