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I have some hi-cap HP mags and Para mags that I'd like to keep protected with some kind of coating like Black-T or Rogard. Do these coatings work or are they too soft and not allow good function like MP3?

I know that MP3 from Robar is probably best but I'd like a matte black finish not silver.

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Excuse me for the duplicate post in another section, but this post belongs here too.

While I have had no direct experience with 8 round magazines, I have heard about enough problems with them to make me wary.
Colt and Wilson magazines work reliably for me. The Wilson mags have a removeable baseplate for easy cleaning. I believe that the design of the follower increases reliability in pistols that jam with other magazines.

I have been using the standard, #47, 7 round, stainless, magazines with the .350 inch thick baseplate.

I recently obtained a couple of the #47CB, 7 round magazines with the low-profile, steel baseplate. These stainless magazines are finished with Wilson's Black Armor-Tuff and they look sharp!



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Hiya Hoser!
I just talked to Walt Birdsong, and he told
an amusing story about the FBI guns.....
the bid did not cover coating the mag.
Operators were having f-t-f jams left and
right, so they finally got an answer-coat
the damn mags-guess what....they work a lot
better now!!!! My Wilson mags I leave just
as delivered(except a little emery cloth
buffing on the lips), but my Sig P220 mags
are coated. I probably put 30k rounds thru
this gun in the past 15 years, and have
never had a single malfunction. It's kind
of funny, but the only problem I had with
this gun, was the decocker return spring
broke-WHILE CLEANING IT!!!!! At this point,
I sent it to Captian Roger Echard at Novak's
(does anyone know if he's still there??)
for a full-house job(Bar-Sto barrel, Novak
night sights, .400 Cor-Bon Bar-Sto barrel,
Hand-matting on the front strap and top
of slide, rounding the trigger-guard, round-
ing and polishing the trigger face, action
job, reliability package, carry-bevel and
bevel the mag-well, and of course Black-T.
This is probably the most reliable pistol
I've ever owned(even though I prefer the

NP3 works really well on magazines and moving parts.
I had a Wilson 1187P refinished in it and I was very impressed, the feed tube is especially slick and the shells move almost silently through it.

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Novak's Roger Echard did a Superb trigger job on a P226 for me ca. 1 1/2 yrs. ago. The DA/SA transition is almost unnoticeable now during "Combat" style & IDPA Matches. FWIW, They list him as their Sig & S&W specialist now in their catalog.
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