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Well there is some real good preserve hunting for phesants, chukar, and quail about 20 minutes outside of c springs going east. They also have a serious sporting clays course there and a 5 stand. Doves are best down in Pueblo with some interesting duck hunting. Light goose hunting is ok down near Pueblo and south also. Dark goose and ducks are best north near the town of Wiggins, a bit south of greely. Quail are scattered throughout the state as are phesants, mainly east of I-25. Ptarmigan in the mountains are under hunted, and the grouse can be thick in years. The chukar are also under utilized. You better be part billygoat for the chukar, they like the worst canyon country, and the ptarmigan, well they just piss me off. Grouse hunting is still managable in the aspens and spruce stands.

Lots of public hunting land available, and private is sometimes available.
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