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Just left the Springs. Hook up with Larry Ashcraft - top notch people and does some shooting "on the ranch". Also, there is Rampart range up in the hills - best to four-wheel up there. Stay away during pre-hunting season as there are some whacko's launching lead trying to tune up their recoilless rifles for hunting.

As far as Me'ican food, try Tres Hombres up in Woodland Park; If you like Burrito's there is a new franchise called Chipotle' on Academy and one downtown right next to Jack Quinns Irish Pub that has the best (and cheapest) I've ever had. There is also a place on Colorado Ave called "Amanda's Fonda" (also one over by "mountain Momma" on Uinta (?)Street. They only buy enough groceries for the day and home-make all their food. You won't be disappointed.

I've only been gone a month and miss the place tremendously.
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