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I know very little about this finish exept that it was offered on some of the delta elites. what is it? good, bad, or ugly? thanks, -CVA-
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Everyone will have an idea on the looks of a Colt Ultimate bright stainless finish. In my book it`s really nice, I`ve got a Custom Shop 38 Super in bright stainless. I think this finish is only available from the Custom Shop now...too many man hours to do..
I know that in the early 90s atleast you could get that finish on any stainless 1911 style Colt. I had one for a short time because I thought it looked "cool" ,well it got old pretty quick constantly having to wipe off the finger prints. After that one I buy nothing but matte or matte/brushed stainless finnished guns now.I you like the looks alot and aren't going to use it alot or don't mind the extra maintance, go for it since they are pretty to look at. But if its going to be carried or used alot I'd look at a different finish, but thats just my opinion.
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