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Colt combat commander 9mm

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What do you think about the Colt Combat Commander. I am looking for my first 1911 gun, and the only Commander i could find was in 9 mm. I read somwhere that they are a little rare. But the thing i want to know is the posibility of have them converted to any other caliber, specifically a 38 superauto. Is this possible? The only gun i remember that could be converted to 38 super with a mere change of the slide was the late Astra 100.
Also, do you consider the old Argentina Sistema 1927 is a good base for a custom gun. I live in Argentina, so is difficult to find this kind of stuff.
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You can convert your Commander to 38S by fitting a 38S Commander barrel (NOT a government barrel) to it. If you go with heavy loads, you'll have to use a heavier spring.
The longer 9mm ejector may cause ejection problems, but again, a .38S ejector (Commander) will solve that problem.
You can also convert it to 40 or 10mm by fitting an appropriate slide and barrel to it. You can't make it a .45, as the feed ramp on the frame is in the wrong location.

(You can't use 40 & 10mm interchangeably, you must have the correct barrel for each)

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