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Just got one from a loooong backorder at Brownells.

That`s the good news..the bad news is that the finish is the pure black high polish flats, matt rounds, as on their new guns, not the original Colt Royal Blue of the early run of Elites.

These slides are however quite nice, having the "Gold Cup" serrated flat top, cut for Ellison National Match Target sights, forward slanted rear slide cocking serrations. Says Combat *Elite* on right, usual Series 80 stuff on left.

No tool marks, very clean cut rails, no doubt made on the the new CNC machinery, great, firm fit on my Elite SS Frame.

Part # is 160-000-112
Cost is $180.00

The first one I got had a bad scratch on the rear, sent it back and got a good one, would suggest you ask Brownells to open the Colt packing for inspection..

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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