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Colt Defender

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I'm giving serious consideration to trying to find a Defender for carry, and I've read what I could find using the search feature, so based on the info there, it sounds like a pretty solid little gun.

Question is: aside from the crappy trigger pull, is there any other negatives I should know? Also, any idea what they're going for these days, generally speaking?

Thanks all.
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Sure don`t think mine has a crappy trigger..GREAT pistol....
Thanks Gunny. I read somewhere (thought it was on this board, but I may be mistaken) that the Defenders tend to have a heavy and generally lousy trigger, however guns and opinions vary so much I'm glad you took the time to answer.

Anyone else?
It will take you some looking too find one, but it`s well worth the time.....really a nice pistol..
I have a dealer searching for one as we speak. Looks like the price is going to be in the mid 6's. Does that sound about right?
Yea, I think mine was right at $600, but it was awhile ago..hope you find one...
There are several .45s and a .40 over at http://www.gunbroker.com $600-$650 sounds about right.
There are 2 models of the Defender, don`t know the factory numbers..but try for the one with the Novak style sights.......
Sportsmans Warehouse here in town has a couple of Defenders priced at 649. Still, I'd rather support my local gunshop, which I'll do, but if for whatever reason they can't come up with any, just knowing I can get hold of one is nice.

The one I saw didn't have the Novak type sights, though. More like blade type sights. Also, the trigger isn't as bad as I thought, but my Kimber is better. I do not care for the thumb safety...kinda small. Felt nice in the hand, though.

I'll be getting the Colt one way or another in the next week or so.

BTW, I'm familiar with Series 70 and 80, but what's 90 mean?
I really don`t know about that 90 Series marking..my Double Eagle Colts have Series 90 on them, I always thought it was the double actions that were 90 Series.. but my Defender also has Series 90 on it...
Series 90 guns all have some new unique feature. Pony, Pocket 9, Double Eagles, Defender.

The new Defender's have blade sights, spade style grip safety and standard semi-extended manual safety.

The original defender's had big ugly novak look alikes (too big IMO, and I have one :smile: extended manual safety and a "speed bump" grip safety.

IMO, the new one's offer a little more choice presenting more of an "unblemished" project, I.E. sights or grip safety. The old one's were cut to certain sizes, which might exclude certain styles.
I got a new Defender at a gunshow a few weeks ago,same gun as described by VoceNoctum , asking price was $569 I shot a few rounds that afternoon to check function etc. hope to take it and some others to the range tomorrow. I wasn't particularly looking for a Defender when I got mine just wanted a lightweight 45,I looked at this gun 3 or 4 times while at show every time I went back someone was trying to deal on it,glad I got it. Rick
Current Defender

My Defender;

My Defender is an older style, so you can see the different grip safety and the different sights. I changed the safety, trigger, grips and some other stuff.
Excuse the pic size & quality :smile:
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Thanks for the pics and to everyone for their input.

VoceNoctum, the changes you've made are similar to what interests me, especially concerning the manual safety and grips.

Thanks again.
I bought myself one for Xmas last week. I had a choice in one with or without the Novak style sights and went with the Novak. It also has the extended thumb safety and dorsal grip safety. I've put about 100 rounds of FMJ, Hydra-shok, and some handload wad cutters thru it and it has performed flawlessly. Personally, I like the Novak style sights. Slightly longer sight radius and easier to pick up for me.
I think you'll really like the Defender. It's a keeper:)
Buddy of mine bought a new one a couple years ago for about $550. After firing a couple hundred rounds, started experiencing ejection problems. I bought a Wilson drop in extractor for it and swapped it out for the factory part. No problems ever since! Seems to be a nice little gun, but the length is a little short for my taste.
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