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I'll give 'er a go...

1) Colt (IMO) is notorious for poor slide to frame fit at the rear of the slide. If you've ONLY got 1/16", you are lucky! This is most likely just a cosmetic blemish which can be corrected with some fitting/blending.

2) You should get a new link and pin. At the very least, get an oversized pin to get rid of the slop.

3) Not sure why the 18# spring didn't work. Are you sure that the hammer strut was seated in the mainspring cap properly. If the strut was sitting on just the edge of the cap, it may be difficult to cock, but not if the strut is in the pocket.

4) You cannot judge feed/ejection reliability by hand cycling the slide. The only way to do this is to fire the gun.

You may want to wait for some professionals to give further opinions and advice (cuz I ain't one of dem).
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