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Anybody looking for a real Retro Pistol?
Here it is. This is a Pistol I did a little
at a time for an Older Gentleman, more years ago that I would like to remember.
Series 70 Gov't. Model 45
*Low Mount Micro Sights. Like you see in "Cooper On Handguns", not Melted.
*Opened and Flaired Ejection Port
*Throated and Polished
*Long Colt Steel Trigger
*Trigger Job (Has Original Spur Hammer)
*Front Sight is a Staked on .150 Wide
(This is what Customer Wanted)
Pistol is like new. Has been shot, but has Never seen the inside of a Holster.
I never Stamped the Pistol. I will furnish
a letter stating I did the work.
I have the Original Box, which is in excellent condition. Owners Manual is missing. I am not sure if the Grips are Original to the Pistol. Still has Collet Bushing.
Price $2000

Richard Heinie
Heinie Specialty Products

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