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Colt XS GM Range Report

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Well I was finally able to make it back to the range yesterday. I am wrapping up my senior year of college and all of the projects and presentations have been keeping me super busy.

I took with me:
Colt XS GM with about 50-75 rounds through it.

Two Wilson #47D magazines

One Colt 8rd mag that came with the pistol

100 rounds Black Hills 230grain FMJ

100 rounds S&B 230 grain FMJ

Rosen 5JR Express holster and double mag carrier

I only had one Failure to Feed and that was on the last round of S&B from the Colt mag. The round was sitting on the follower base down with the round pointing toward the sky. It easily came out.

The round had some slight scratches on the bullet tip.

I reloaded the round into the same magazine and it fed and fired fine.

We won't even talk about accuracy cause I am not even close to what the gun can do as evidenced by what my father can do with it compared to me.

It ejected shells pretty consistently from what I could tell, but I forgot to bring my tarp so I had a hard time following them landing in the grass.

When I was cleaning the pistol afterwards I noticed that I could wiggle the ejector. It wasn't really loose, just loose enought that I could tell that it was wiggling. Is that ok, or will it become looser as time goes on?

One more question. It was the first time that I had put the pistol in the holster (just got the holster on wednesday and went to the range on thursday) and the XS has blasted rounds. The blasted rounds being slightly rough were rubbing the leather and some of the color and leather were rubbing into the stainless steel blast finish. It came off easy enough with hoppes #9 but I am wondering if this will eventually go away or will it always leave reddish brown rub marks on the gun? (holster is cuban brown).

Thanks in advance for any answers.

Can't wait to go to the range again.
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Congrats on the Colt XS ! , I really their looks and hope to find one someday at a reasonable price.

I have had feeding problems as well with S&B in both Kimbers and Colts, although a friends Wilson likes it fine. I like the Federal 230 Grain FMJ or the CCI ammo, usually not too pricey and some of the big Sporting Goods Stores have promos on it.

As long as the extractor is tossing the cases consistantly in one direction I would leave it alone.

Don`t have an answer on the color rubbing off the holster on to the gun, I wouldn`t care for that myself and if it`s rubbing on the bead blasted "rounds" i.e. the top of slide or dust cover it will slightly polish them eventually. perhaps just rubbing the interior with an old T-shirt will cure this...

Some folks don`t like them, often because they don`t work in some 1911`s, but for $5 I would consider trying a recoil buffer, with the issue guide rod. I have found the " CP Buffs " work best for me.

I have been useing RIG +P Stainless Steel lube for the Rails/slides on SS Guns, although any Teflon based lube ( Rem Oil ) should be OK.

Thanks for the Report and Good Luck....
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Sounds like you have a winner. IMHO, dump every 8 rd. mag you have. John Moses designed the 1911 for 7 rds. The redesigned 8 rd. mags sacrifice spring tension and follower size. This can only be trouble in the long run. While fine for range and competition, I will never carry any 8 rd. mag for social work.

Not just my opinion but a lot of other serious guys feel the same way.

Enjoy and stay safe.

The original XS Colts are beautiful guns. The problem is trying to find them. Lots of XSE guns but few XS guns. I've found that the triggers are better out of the box than several CDP Kimbers that I've recently handled. My wife just bought a Custom CDP for me for our anniversary and I've sent the Kimber back to the factory for work. More trigger creep than a series 80 Colt. Enjoy your Colt.
Well, I made it to the range for the third time yesterday. Put 150 rounds through the gal and she loved it.

100 rds S&B 230g FMJ
50 rds 185g reloads (Don't know what kind of bullets they were, my father picked them up from the local shop, the gentleman handed them to him and he assumed they were FMJ because that is what he asked for, hell they were only 12 bucks for fifty anyway)

Everything fed fine, had no FTF's or malf's of any kind.

I think I got rid of my flinch for the most part, but everything still ends up on the left side of the target 99% of the time, even for my father. I will let someone who knows they are accurate try it out before I drift the sight.

I am extremely happy with this pistol. I have only had one FTF out of 400 rds and I attribute that to the Colt 8rd magazine that came with the pistol since it happened on the last round of the magazine.

I am also very happy with the Rosen 5JR Express that I got from P&T Partners. Excellent service and customer appreciation.

I just wish it would stop rubbing mahogany color into my blasted SS rounds. Would leather lightening or hyde glyde help?
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Just got the my Kimber back from the Custom Shop. The trigger creep is gone and the trigger action is now as good as my XS guns. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM KIMBER!
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