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Drifting your rear sight "without damaging the sight or slide"
Takes Correct tools and pratice.

Dont recall XS series "rear" are they using the newer colt
Type as on defender? Must be if theres a set screw.?

If so "Same as defender" - Firing Pin Stop blocks removal
of rear sight.

Real Big Vise-Padded Vise jaws-Big Hammer-Good Punch-
masking tape.

If you dont like the idea of swinging a big hammer at
your new slide. Take to your local smith.

Serious, Factory Installed Sights are in so tight
sometimes you cant get em out / move em without damage.

Best Luck

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SB Lars,
You should remove the firing pin stop befor trying
to move the sight.

Field strip your slide,remove firing pin stop,firing pin and spring, 80 series plunger and spring, extractor. secure in large smooth jaw vise w-padding
to protect finish, leather-rubber-layerd masking tape.

Loosen rear sight set screw,witness sight position to judge movment,apply min two layers masking tape
to sight or face of punch-nylon-brass-steel?
I like a large hammer 16oz , hold punch firmly and squarely
to sight, strike one time sharply to break sight loose.
bets luck JB

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I did as JB suggested and it worked perfectly. I went down to the range real quick and put 26 rounds through it and it was sighted in. It now shoots in the center of the target as it should.

Have about 600 rounds through her now and still only one FTF with the last round out of the Colt 8rd mag.

I love this gun, I am so happy with my choice. Thanks for everyones input whether it was to me directly or not. I learned much from everyone here and at another place that you all know of.

Now I just need to get my ejector fixed (loose). Just need to decide whether I will bring it out to a pistolsmith in Syracuse for just the ejector, or have a trigger job done on it at the same time. Gotta call him so I can plan on the financial end of it.


P.S.- I also purchased a GWH from Dane, can't wait to try it out.
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