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Well, I have reached 1541 rounds through my Colt XS GM.
There have been a variety of types.
-230g FMJ (S&B, CCI Blazer, Winchester, Reloads)
-185g LRN Reloads
-185g JHP Reloads (Bullet brand?)
-230g LRN (3-D Ammo, Reloads)
-230g JHP (Reloads)

2 Failures To Feed, both with FMJ (1 S&B, 1 CCI Blazer). Both FTF's were with the stock Colt 8 rd mag (1 in middle of mag, 1 last round in mag)

Until this past weekend I used 2 Wilson 8rd mags and 1 Colt 8rd mag. I know have an additional Wilson 8rd mag with the low profile basepad for carry and I am rebuilding the Colt mag with the Wilson spring and follower kit as soon as it is off of backorder.

I changed to a 18.5# Wilson Combat Recoil Spring at 1482 rounds, and a WC Bulletproof FP Stop at 1466 rounds.

The pistol is treated to the luxury of a Alessi/Burns GWH and a Rosen 5JR Express for carry and range use.

I picked up some 230g Hydra-Shoks to test for carry this past weekend. Will be heading to the range this week to accomplish this.
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