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Colt XS?

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hi all,

just wondering exactly what a Colt XS is? Did a search on this site for other thread's on the subject, but didn't help. Looked on colt.com and all they have listed is a 1911A1. Is it an older model that has been discontinued? Is it so new it's not on their website yet? Help me out! :0)
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A Colt XS is a beautiful finely crafted piece of American shooting steel!!

Ok, thats out of the way now.

A Colt XS has:
-Dorsal high ride Beavertail
-Ambi extended safety
-Rosewood grips
-high cut front strap
-Front and rear angled slide serrations
-C-More novak style sights (3-dot)
-Full length guide rod
-Dovetailed front sight
-stainless steel slide with polished flats
-Adjustable two oval aluminum trigger
-Commander type hammer
-Lightly beveled mag well

oh yeah, and a prancing pony!!

There are differences in XS models. Those differences are in the slide length (GM, Commander, Officer), frame material (SS or Al), frame length (GM or Officers), and front slide serrations based on slide length.

I think I covered all of the major bases off of the top of my head, there were something like 9-10 different XS models, and a few more XS models that have never been seen. There is an excellent post over at 1911forum.com that has detailed info from a sheet put out by Colt. Look up posts by my user name in the Colt Forum and it will be in the past month or so.

I have a Colt XS GM and my father just picked up a Colt XS Officers LWT. I will post a reunion pic when I find my camera in my packing boxes.
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Also, XS pistols are no longer made. They have been supplanted by the XSE series that have fewer features.
"Dorsal high ride Beavertail"

I suddenly had this picture of a 1911 with a safety protruding from the top of a slide, like a shark's dorsal fin. <shudder>
Personally, I don't like the dorsal grip safety on the XS series. I replaced mine with a S&A. Feels nice now. :smile:
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