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Colt XS

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A local dealer has a new stainless Colt XS that I can buy for $755.00. I don't really need another Colt, I'd rather have a custom or production custom, but this gun is calling me.

What should I do?
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Jeez Larry, do you really expect the good forum to make this decision for you? Like I don't have enough of my own decisions to make :wink:

OK - I say buy it. If your mind is still set on a custom in a few months, you should easily be able to get your money back by re-selling. Seems like a fair price. Then again, I've told myself that I can always sell too, but you kinda get attached to them after a while, huh? Sort of like putting one of your kids up for adoption :wink:
I tried that adoption thingy...put the kid on the corner with $50 pinned to her shirt...didnt work. Week later she was back with $100 pinned on her. Least we made a bit of money...LOL

<tongue FIRMLY in cheek>
Thanks Shane, I'll tell my wife you said it was okay.
At the last gun show we went to, I was walking around looking at the 1911's and she said "How many of those things do you need?" I gave her my best serious look and said; "I don't know, but when I have enough, I'll let you know".

Thanks for the tip about how to reply to the wife while browsing the gun show. I'm going to steal your line and use it myself! :smile:
Damn Larry...I can't turn my back on you for a second!
Hell no...The Colts you got are WAY better'n that thing!

Maybe it's time for ya' to venture out into the not'a'colt world!

http://www.gunsite.net/Gunsmithy_index/ ... index.html








There's plenty eye-candy for ya'! :eek:
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Larry, you know you want it. Why bother fighting the urge?

The Colt XS pictured below was customized by the late Brian Bilby. That XS sure is a handsome pistol, ain't it Larry? :wink:

Brian Bilby Customized Colt XS


p.s. Brian's web site is still up at: http://www.1911custom.com/

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What beavertail did you put on your XS? Did you have to have it fitted? I saw my XS at my FFL on Saturday and I wasn't too impressed by the stock beavertails wierd hump. I will wait until I shoot it, but I would like some additional information.

I wish that I could say that was my Bilby pistol, but unfortunately it belong to someone else. We may even get lucky and one of our members will turm out to be the lucky owner.

As for the beavertail, if memeory serves, I thought Brian used a Wilson Combat on that particular gun. An interesting aside; Rosco Benson recently commented that he found the stock XS "hump" beavertail was one of the very few safeties that he could activate with his hand and he liked it very much.


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Beautiful pistol, kind of takes my mind off that "stock" XS. I'll have make plans for a custom.
I wasn't online yesterday. Our Colorado weather turned from winter to summer in one day, it was 75 degrees yesterday. I spent the day farmin', plowing the garden. I get almost as much pleasure from my John Deeres as I do from my Colts.
Well...good for you!
I worked and it's nice to have those days that remind me of why I love it here!
It'll be even better when I get caught up!
Geez...I've had enough rough weather for awhile!
Maybe two more weeks and I'll get down that way to help with the berms and what-not...Have you had some RSVPs?
GottaGo there's trees that need work out there!!!
...Glad you decided to wait on that custom;)
DD is correct. I've found that the "dorsal fin" grip safety, as found on the XS COlts, is the only grip safety that I can reliably depress. I don't mind deactivated grip safeties, so it's no big deal if a pistol is fitted with another variety. I believe that XS's safety is made by Caspian.

Hey guys, how can you tell the XS from the XSE? If I am out cruising the local shops and run into an XS I would like to pick it up. From all that I've read the XSE isn't as nice of a gun.
Hey Larry...I've been workin' awful hard lately...and some of my customers are even paying...uuhhh...where did you say that XS was? I wannnaa' just go by to make sure that guy doesn't...take advantage of you in your weakened condition...Strictly in your best interest you understand...

Arctic Pawn and Gun. They have it advertised at $799, but the "member" price is $755.
My wife's birthday is today and I don't think she would appreciate me bringing it home, so go get it and save me some money!

I really AM savin' your life!

I'll give ya' a call later today or tomorrow...I've got a check that should be here pretty quick for 1100...Then we can talk about a finders fee...

Hey do they have any CZs down there?
That's my buddy gyp_c, always happy to sacrifice and help a buddy out :grin:
Well yeah...that's what friends are for...You ever hear from Roscoe? Speakin' of friends, are we firmin' up for the picnic-loser-roast-berm-build-shootin' match?
Did Tom(Hozer) say there was a 3-gun this month?
I'm gettin' farther out of touch than I like...I have one more job pendin' for the rest of this week and then I can take a couple days off...Tell the "BOSS" Happy Birthday!
...Besides...I'm gonna' sell that XS back to ya' after I get it real good and "broke-in"...

Hey guys, the 3-Gun match using SOF rules was this past Saturday. We had a great turnout. IPSC will be the 21st and IDPA will be the 22nd.

Another full weekend of shooting.

See...ya' get busy and this is what happens...Ya' miss a WHOLE MATCH!!!
Sheesh...How'd ya' do Hozer?

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