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Cominolli 1911 Frame Saver Guide Rod

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Anyone have real first hand experience with these ?

The idea is that it places Shock Buffs on _both_ sides of the Guide Rod.

It`s pictured on Page 89, Top, of the recent Brownells catalog.

( I know some folks don`t like the Shock Buff & Full Length Guide Rod system but I use them on all Full size 1911`s )


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I have one installed on my Colt CCO. Shooting 230gr plus P ammo in an aluminum frame gun, I figure I needed the best protection from frame cracking, and I think the Cominolli is the best for this application. I was going to make a post on this myself, but just like usual, I procrastinated untill someone else posted it first. :smile: The buffs needed to be trimed so the slide does not drag on them. If you are willing to put up with the hassle of a full length guiderod, I thing it's a great idea. But, just like any other aftermarket gadget, it needs maintainance, so the buffs should be checked often, if you shoot a lot.
I use a Sprinco guide rod with a 16lb. spring for 170pf 230gr loads with great effect. The gun shoots flat and there is no maintenance to the rod...I hate shok buffs!
I have used the Frame Savers for several years. It's been used for everything from 255 grain heavy loaded bowling pin ammo to major power 38 super ammo with 115 grain bullets. No problems. Joe is a great guy and very helpful. I think it is a great part and highly reccommend them for competition guns. If you must have a guide rod and shock buff on your carry gun, this is a good way to go.

FWIW,I prefer to use a CP Buff on the slide side and the Comminolli buffs on the frame side.

MD Labs

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Thanks Gents..will order one.
What would the advantage of the Ciminolli unit (2 buffers) be over the Sprinco double-spring guide rod?
I have been using these in a couple of 1911 guns and have had zero problems. Mine have worked fine in every aspect. I got a Wilson CQB and swapped out the little plastic guide rod and put in a Wilson full length guide with a single buffer. The buffers were destroyed very fast(as was the little plastic guide rods). I then tried the Frame Saver set up and this has worked great and the buffers have lasted much better than a basic full length rod with just one buffer. I am going to continue using the rods.
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