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Commander Bobtail

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Question for the pistolsmiths:
I was recently looking though Ed Brown’s website and also remember the write up on his Commander Bobtail gun. I also read they can put the Bobtail on any Government Model frame. What do you gunsmiths think about this? Does this make the gun less reliable? Is this just a lot hype? Any thoughts?
I do think it looks kinda cool, but now parts are not interchangeable.

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I'd love input on this as well. I have a Commander that's itching for custom work and had given this idea some thought. Part of me though would hate to break up the traditional grip -- but hey, I have others with traditional grip! Any thoughts from experienced Bobtail users or "fondlers"?
I've done three bobtails, to date. They feel okay to me, but then so does a regular frame with either flat or arched m/s housings, so I guess I'm easy to please. The only functional issue that I can see is that you are limited in beveling the back edge of the mag well into the m/s housing. It's truly one of those mods that you should feel for yourself before having a irreversible modification made to your pistol. My customers that have had bobtails done just love them. Others, who have handled the same guns were lukewarm to couldn't stand it. Find one and feel it first is my advise. Good Luck!
John Harrison
Precision Gunworks
Canton, GA
One of the best things about upgrading a 1911 is changing the grip panels. The number of choices is staggering, EXCEPT with a bobtail design. The Bobtail requires special grip panels or if you are handy, modify them yourself. I love a round butt pistol grip, but having to buy only Ed Brown grip panels doesn't thrill me..........Mike
Doesn't Ed Brown modify your existing grips to work with the bobtail mod?
I just looked on Ed's Order Form and the cost for the Bobtail is $150 (frame and grip modification included) Option on a NEW Ed Brown 1911.
what about a bobtail officers model? that would take compact and concealable to the limits right?
I retail the Ed Brown line and if what limited memory I have left serves me correct the Bobtail conversion is available on the full size steel and stainless steel framed guns and not alloy or the compact, officers or smaller capacity framed guns.

This is from the last conversation I had with the folks at Ed Brown.

Best thing to do is spend a few cents and call the source.

None of the Bobtail guns and conversation have had any type of functional problem due to the Bobtail. I have had one guy with an ammo problem he believed it was a gun problem. This was another "good buddy's best priced reloads" deal.

Do your research but you get what you pay for front end or back end.
My impressions of the gun are as follows:

Very comfortable in the hand even during rapid fire. Even without checkering on the main spring, the gun never slipped in my hands. Even in the 357sig, recoil was very easy to control. I had no failures in my first 200 rounds and the gun placed 1" groups at 10 yards during rapid fire. This is one of the best pistols that I have shot. Only my Burns Special Kimber ranks higher.

My understanding is that the internal components on the BobTail mainspring housing are the same as the OM. With that being the case, the OM, if modified to Bobtail config, would require even shorter spring and plunger, and might be a problem.

Hey JackB,
Aren't you tired of that Burns Kimber yet? How long are you going to hang on to that thing anyway? :smile:
Hoser, I will keep that gun forever. My 3 Other BCP's should be completed soon. Maybe if your lucky I will let you shoot one. The only problem is you'll have to have one after shooting one.

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