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I would not pay $400 for any FM High-Power. Why? They are not as well made as FN/Browning pistols. I have very serious doubts if you can get your money out of a FM. I would buy one cheap to use as a beater but never as a project gun. Regards, Richard

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You are correct that you won't get your money back out of them. As for their not being as good as a Belgian, you are correct to a point. They are also a lot cheaper than a Belgian and still shoot pretty damn well. I've owned several Argentines along with my Brownings. They all were reliable. The only major downside to the Argys was the strength of the slide steel. If abused with HOT rounds, it will start to round at the lugs.
Other than that, they are a great little pistol for the money. Just don't sink a bundle into them and ever expect to get it back out.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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