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I'm not sure what you're asking about. The LS40 is their compact gun, the Trojan is a full size 1911 and hardly compact.

The LS has an Officer's Model size frame (actually a little shorter) and 1911 style action but has a completely non-1911 top end. The barrel locks up in the ejection port ala Glock and is very narrow.

The LS is designed for 9mm/.40 length ammo and doesn't suffer the feed problem typical of short rounds in standard 1911 frames.

The first batch of LS40s did have some reliability problems because of defective recoil springs and weak mag springs. STI has solved those problems and the guns work great now.

I have one and it's far more pleasant to shoot than my Kahr MK40 due in part to the lightened slide. I'm probably going to sell the Kahr and get another LS40 since my wife seems to have taken ownership of the first.
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