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Comparison between Premier II and WC Mill. Protector?

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I was thinking about getting a semi-custom 1911 (for competition and carry). I was looking through the catalogs and figured that either a Millenium Protector with adjustable sights or a Premier II minus the checkering (I'm not a big fan of checkering) would fit the bill (both with a dehorning job). I've never handled either one but I presume someone else here has. Comparisons? Recommendations?
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Hmm. Either this is a stupid question, no one has any information or opinions, or I forgot to wear deoderant while posting again.
Have patience, folks are still wondering around a bit. Someone will answer. Wish I had some experience with either so I could be of some help.
I have an old premier 2 that is set up as a bullseye gun(tall sights) and I just bought the M. Protector. Haven't had time to shoot the Wilson. I will do so this weekend and give you my opinion.

Don't have an MP but I do have a P II with 1800 rds through it. Two failures to feed with Federal ammo. Otherwise perfect. Extremely accurate with the tightest slide to frame fit I have ever seen. Beautiful deep,dark blue finish. This is a gun worth having.
I just signed on to this forum and I also retail the custom as well as the production 1911.

From customer comments on about 500 of the customs guns passing through my retail operation. I can say this. The Wilson line seems to be sold to more of the action shooters or IDPA crowd and the Baer line seems to trend to more of the Bullseye crowd.

Both have different spec. and also a different target market.

I have sold quite a few of the Wilson line to Law Enforcement and also sold quite a few of the Baer line to the Bullseye shooters.

With the introduction of the Baer Thunder Ranch there has been some interest from LEO in those guns.

Remember. I can only speak from a small section of the 1911 customer base.

Compare the details in the guns. Corrosion protection, night sights, checkering on front and mainspring housings, tool steel parts, carbon steel parts, stainless steel vs carbon steel barrels and etc.

The details will show you the differences for your specific needs.
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Had two Wilson 5" guns that retailed in the $1600 range,but not the model you mentioned. Got rid of both. Finish and slide-to-frame fit not very good. During telephone conversation with Wilson sales person, he implied that my guns did not really have hand fitted slide-to-frame fit as the wilson catalog had advertised. Guess they only actually do that on their high dollar guns. I sold the first one at a substantial loss to a person that wasn't so picky. Wilson did refund my money on the second which I had not fired.
I've been the semi-custom route before and ended up selling my Baers. I'm now getting base guns like Colt 1991A1 or SA base guns and having name smiths to put them together. More pride of ownership to be honest.
I do own a SA Bureau model, now called a Professional, and love it! But it's more of a custom gun than a semi custom.
Can only comment on one of the pistols you mention. My 3 yr. old P II with Les' 1 1/2" guarantee has his "Tact." de-horn which is very subtly done and really don't notice it un less one looks. Only one problem with the slide not locking back after last shot. Required a new slide lock lever and mag springs done at N/C & Les paid Overnight back. less than one week dor-to-door {NY-IL-NY}. It broke in very nicely in ca. 300-400 rnds. and has never so much as bobbled. Only change so far are a pair of Craig Spegel's Malagasy Rosewood grips. Cosmetically a very undestated & subtly beautiful pistol. Has Bo-Mars and mostly use for IDPA, etc. Extremely pleased all round. Would buy one and the same again in a Hearbeat!
I've never shot or owned a Wilson but I do have a LB PII. The slide to frame fit is good but not super tight. It's a pleasure to shoot and in the right hands (my 14 year old son shoots 1-2" groups at 15 yards freehand) is extremely accurate. The fit of the gun is top notch--the barrel bushing is snug but not tight, the ambi safety is fitted perfectly and engages positively, the beavertail is blended to the frame, the frontstrap checkering is clean. The finish is good, but like all blued finishes it shows holster wear. Contrary to what others think, my experience with Les has been very positive. For example, when the PII didn't lock back on the last round, Les promptly sent me a new slide stop--no questions asked. When the front pin on the Bomar knockoffs broke, I had one in two days.

I have only a few criticisms of the PII. New, the trigger pull was about 5 1/2 pounds--way too heavy for a semi-production gun. It took some tinkering to get it down to 3.5 lbs. Secondly, the Bomar knockoffs are inferior to the real thing. I ended up putting on real Bomars.

I think the PII is the best value in the high end 1911 market. What I like is its completeness. Everything you'd want is there-- ambi safety, checkering, Bomar style sights, tool steel lockworks, wood grips, etc. I can't see spending $1600 on a gun and then spending another $100 to get ambi safety's, etc.

I've heard rumors (if I'm wrong, please correct me) that Wilson uses MIM lockworks on some of their guns. If that's true, it's outrageous to charge that kind of money and not use tool steel. While they are nice guns, I think that Wilson's are over-priced for what is essentially an upgraded Kimber (slide and frame are Jericho). Anyway, I'm sure that most Wilson owners are just as happy with their guns.
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I think you would be lucky to get either one.Some day I hope to own a Wilson.I`m just waiting for the Wife to OK it.
On 2001-05-17 23:26, 38 Super Combat Commander wrote:
I think you would be lucky to get either one.Some day I hope to own a Wilson.I`m just waiting for the Wife to OK it.
I was lusting after a Wilson for years(about 10 in fact) and at the beginnning of this one bought a MP from Greg @ Mombasa trading company and am more than happy with it except for two things, the armor tuff finish isn't as tough as I expected and it came with cheap pearce rubber grips, both of which are merely cosmetic problems. Never having owned a better 1911 I can't comment on how it would compare to a full custom(I will in about a year when I get my 9x23 Burns).

I had two failures with it the first time out with S&B and LAWMAN ammo both failures to go completely into battery, but with a light tap of the slide finished chambering. now have around 1400 through it and it hasn't had any problems.

The fit is great imo and it has a very nice melt job on it which I didn't appreciate until I bought a Springfield and a Kimber and tried to use a holster which snagged on both of them but was smooth with the Wilson. The trigger is sweet and I can really shoot the hell out of it.

In fact I like it so much I plan on taking my project gun(the Kimber) and trying to copy the Wilson.

have seen Baers at gunshows but never really had the chance to examine one or shoot one so I'm certainly biased on this one.

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