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Concealed Carry Restrictions

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In my state of Georgia, I'm allowed to carry a concealed firearm. That's good.

The restrictions on where I'm allowed to carry my pistol make it difficult, if I conform to the letter of the law, for me to legaly protect myself. We are not allowed to carry at sporting events, churches, school property, publically owned or operated buildings, or establishments where liquor is sold for consumption(including restraunts). This covers a lot of the places that I go to on a pretty regular basis. That's bad.

We tried to get this modified in the state legislature this year, but it got dead ended in committee (can you say liberal Democrats). I guess they feared the blood bath that would surely have occurred had I been able to carry legaly in a restraunt that served liquor.

Does your state restrict carry at "public gatherings?" Is your state more/less restrictive in where you are able to carry?
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Canada.......CCW.........LOL :grin:

We can only dream.
CA, almost right up there with Canada, except a few small enclaves.

Shane, my brother, I feel for ya.

can't carry in an establishment that makes more than 50% of it's income from selling drinks. Restaurants are Ok, so long as I don't go into the bar area.

No state parks, or gov buildings, and all the usual fed stuff. That's about it.

We're not a shall issue state, so all the do-gooders haven't gotten their favorite places excluded in a new state law.
What Mute said... :sad:
I have a lot of state carry permits and without a doubt my New Jersey carry permit is the hardest to get and most restrictive, I can only carry the specific firearm listed by serial# on the permit.
It was very expensive (lawyer fees) to obtain and is only valid for 12 months at a time and it requires a lot of documentation.
In my home state of PA we are prohibited from County, State, and Federal offices, hospitals, churches, schools, and Nursing Homes.
In contrast to some of the trials and tribulations (I applied in LA)my last UK permit while in England was almost easy to obtain.
Terry, we in Tennessee are about the same as you. We have several bills pending in the legislature to end some of the present restrictions. Your comment on the ones pertaining to alcohol sales is one. Technically, I can not carry into a stop and rob and pay for gas if they sale beer inside. The change is to allow to carry into any business that sells alcohol for off site consumption.

One we have gotten changed, I can carry to school to drop my children off, as long as I do not go inside. Used to be, could not carry on school property, period. Makes a lot of sence doesn't it.

We still have certain individuals in our state legislature that have not gotten over the fact that Gore and lots of the things that he and his party stood for lost the last election. And that they lost by a large margin in this state.


"And by the way, Mr. Speaker, The Second Amendment is not for killing ducks and leaving Huey and Dewey and Louie without an aunt and uncle. It is for hunting politicians like (in) Grozney and in 1776, when they take your independence away".
Robert K. Dornen, U.S. Congressman. 1995

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Here is a link for that type of info:

I live in Washington, a "Shall Issue" state and we do have some restrictions. Basicilly it's government offices, schools, Commercial airports, and places that serve liquor. Now the "Serve Liquor" thing has some specifics with it but it boils down to if a minor is not allowed then neither is your gun. So the resturant that serves with your meal is OK, but the "Bar" would be off limits.

Florida sounds almost exactly the same as Washington, the only difference is I was under the impression sporting events w/large gathering of people was off-limits also.

Need to check up on that!

Correct about sporting events in Florida being off limits for carry purposes.
Texas has its twists and turns as well, but I am still shooting for "Vermont Carry!"

I've got an idea for a contest. Let's see how many states we can get legal carry permits in, and then we can post a little map of the country with all of the states we are legal in with our forum signatures. Different colors for states where you have an issued permit, resident and non-resident, and for states you count that honor out-of-state permits. There would have to be both PRO & AM divisions.

Heck, it would look like those maps on the backs of RVs. :smile:

Nope, it wouldn't be nice as some folks coudn't play (California, Canada, etc.)

…..well hell, it was a thought! :wink:

David D,

I didn't know you could even own a firearm in the UK anymore, much less have a CCW :wink: Please elaborate on that if you would. Thanks...

Being a GA cop I have followed the revisions in the law over the last 20 years. The good thing is you do not need a permit at all to carry/possess in you home, vehicle, and place of business. There is a restriction that if the firearm is in your vehicle, it can only be placed in over view or in the glove compartment or a center compartment.

Another change in the past few years concerned where you could carry on your person with a permit. For many years it was restricted to a hip holsters, clip grip, shoulder holster and in a purse or brief case. No pocket or ankle carry at all. This has been changed so that it must only be carried in a holster. NO pocket carry without a pocket holster! Purses and brief cases are okay.

I agree with the law about government buildings, sporting events and locations where alcohol is served. Too many hot tempered folks..... While not perfect, GA is a very gun friendly state. Ya'll come on down.


Note that malls
On 2001-04-04 14:22, David DiFabio wrote:
In my home state of PA we are prohibited from County, State, and Federal offices, hospitals, churches, schools, and Nursing Homes.
Hmm... Per numerous conversations I've had with Local and State Law Enforcement, and several Carrying Lawyers, I'm almost certain that the only places a PA License holder cannot carry are:

1. Secured Airport Terminals,
2. Courtrooms and Correctional Facilities (Which have to provide lockup for your sidearm.)
3. POSTED Local, State, and Federal Properties.(Which also must provide lockups.)
4. POSTED Private property.
5. National Parks.

There's no blanket school, church or hospital language, if they're posted, then you're obligated not to carry there... In my travels, I've only seen Urban hospitals or care facilities posted, and only half of them actually had detectors.



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On 2001-05-24 12:54, Arrowman wrote:
There's no blanket school, church or hospital language, if they're posted, then you're obligated not to carry there... In my travels, I've only seen Urban hospitals or care facilities posted, and only half of them actually had detectors.



I don't believe that is correct. Quote from PA Uniform Firearms Act follows:
§912. Possession of Weapon on School Property.

(a) Definition.—Notwithstanding the definition of "weapon" in section 907 (relating to possessing instruments of crime), "weapon" for purposes of this section shall include but not be limited to any knife, cutting instrument, cutting tool, nun-chuck stick, firearm, shotgun, rifle and any other tool, instrument or implement capable of inflicting serious bodily injury.

(b) Offense defined.—A person commits a misdemeanor of the first degree if he possesses a weapon in the buildings of, on the grounds of, or in any conveyance providing transportation to or from any elementary or secondary publicly-funded educational institution, any elementary or secondary private school licensed by the Department of Education or any elementary or secondary parochial school.

(c) Defense—It shall be a defense that the weapon is possessed and used in conjunction with a lawful supervised school activity or course or is possessed for other lawful purpose.

Part C is a little nebulous. Some could argue that carrying with a permit is a "lawful purpose", but I don't think that would hold water.

Being a police officer probably makes a difference in your perspective based on your life experiences. But I have to differ with you on where people with permits should be allowed to carry weapons.

I can't remeber the last time I saw a fight or altercation break out at a sporting event (at least not among the spectators) or at a restaurant in which I was having lunch/dinner. But there does seem to be a high incidence of people being assaulted or robbed in the parking lot of those venues. Leaving my handgun in the car or at home seems to defeat the purpose of getting a concealed weapons permit and having a gun available to protect my family and myself. Criminals don't have the same restrictions as us "law abiding" citizens. I don't like being put at a disadvantage.

With almost 50 years of gun carry experience, I can think of many places where the thinking man should carry a gun:
Work place
All eating places--if you are not drinking
Motor vehicles
All public transportation

The Free state of Indiana has one restriction listed on their permit, it says "(NOT VALID ON COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT)". Any handgun
"lawfully possessed by Licensee" may be carried. Does not say 'owned'.

Permit is good for 4 years, and cost $15.00 if memory serves. Got my first Indiana permit in 1970. Indiana will honor any state or countrys permit that will honor Indiana's.
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