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Anybody experience any problems with the above combination?
I usually get a few jams wheneve I shoot this load.
It seems like the slide moves back and then foward a lot faster than with conventional ammo.
The round gets stuck in the magazine right before the feed ramp.
I noticed this happens with both my Bear mags and Wilson mags.

Any suggestions on what could be wrong?

Well, you have a really nice gun and a very good round, as to the other choice (185gr) I would definitely reccomend that you stick with the 230 Hydra Shock. Some other very good choices are the Winchester Ranger 230gr +P Talon, the Hornandy 230gr +P, the new Black Hills 230gr +P, and I would probably consider the Speer Gold Dot 230gr +P.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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