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Does anyone have experience with Pete Carber, of Custom Arms, 1911 work?
I know he's well known for work with Glocks, Kahrs, and some other autos. Haven't heard too much about his 1911 work, except from a local smith around here that highly recommends him. BTW, Pete Carber came from Behlert along with several other smiths like George Smith of EGW and Art Leckie.
I have a Caspian slide and frame set, with a Kart barrel and enough other parts for almost a complete 1911, that if I don't decide to try to work on myself, I was just gonna have a smith that's not too far from me work on it for me, who doesn't have a long wait list. Custom Arms is not too far of a drive, so I was considering Pete. I've already got Dane building me one of his full house guns, so I don't necessarily need this one to be built to such a "grand" scale. Just something that's functional, and still aesthetically pleasing.

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Hi Ken,
Of all the 'smiths I've dealt with, and that
is a embarrasingly high number, he is the
coolest-Dane is right up there too, I just
don't have the extra funds to have him build
me a gun. Pete is currently building my
Colt Delta Elite Carry-Comp Full House. I
have spared no expense on this gun(which is
why I can't afford to build others right now)
I haven't got to shoot it yet, but it seems
a certain Mark Garrity has.....c'mon Mark
how was it? It's currently awaiting the 30
lpi checkering at Pete Single's shop before
I get to play......can't wait!

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Pete Carber put identical 4# triggers on my 1911s (P12 and SA Champion).

He also installed and fitted an Ed Brown recoil spring conversion kit on my P12.

I'm pleased with the work and impressed with Pete!

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I've said it in posts before but it's worth mentioning again: Pete Carber/CAC is,
(IMO) one of the most under-rated 'smiths in the business. A CAC G23 is my daily off-duty and IDPA pistol, and he has worked on my Colt Pony. You don't here much about his 1911 work because he strives to be innovative; there-by advertising his Glock and Kahr work more heavily. He did work under Behlert, and his 1911 carry-comp is a dream! Pete is very meticulous; a consumate perfectionist. But on top of that, one of the nicest personalities in the gun industry that I have dealt with.
(And, M.Hall, your holsters are coming; I promise! Overtime on the job has been killing me!!)
Safe shooting,
Mark Garrity

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