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Dunno about the Harts, but the Sprinco comes highly recommended by my 1911 friends. However, the Sprinco for the BHP doesn't work worth a damn. They still don't have the slide stop hole & barrel lug geometry down quite right. I had to take mine out after a couple hundred rounds of testing. Jammed on every magazine.

The Sprincos also don't seem to like BarSto barrels. Several shooters in our club had trouble with the Sprinco/BarSto combination, especially in Glocks.


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Hi folks!
I have a Harrts Recoil Reducing rod in both my Sig P220(.45/.400
Cor-Bon) and in my Glock 20c. Both work very well, I would not
say that they reduce the recoil as much as is advertised, but
they DO deaden the snap. It works especially well in my Glock
20c, as it is already ported(Hyper-Ported by Leading Edge Tool,
actually). I will say this, the units for the little Glocks
suck! Turned my 29 and 30 into jam-a-matics. I used to have
one in my 1911, but gave it to a friend to try, and never saw
him again. That's okay, I don't care for full-length guide rods
in an 1911 anyway!
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