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Custom makers?

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I have never know anyone out side of Texas that carried a custom gun on duty. Even the Texans didn't carry what I thought was much of a custom gun. I suspect few, very FEW who have the need can afford a custom gun and usually not even a plain, old, good, gun, past what is issued. What is your experience? Seen or had a custom gun on duty?
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It depends upon your definition of custom. I have seen several PDs in Colorado that allow 1911s on duty. The officers have had varing degrees of work done. None, that I know of, were "ground up." Most were signts, checkering, relibility work, ect.

A good friend of mine carried a full house Swenson commander S&W sights and all as his backup gun in Ohio. He said his dept. made him carry a Glock but they didn't say he had to shoot anyone with it.

The Sheriff's department SWAT guys in my county (Greene, Ohio) carry STI double-stack 1911's in .40S&W with all the bells & whistles. They carry them during normal duty as well as when leaping about in BDU's.

Friend who is a cop in Cali, as well as a sniper instructor and all around amazing shot, has carried several guns with some customization. It is my understanding that as soon as Kurt finishes with it, his carry piece will be a BHP in .40 with the Wickmann treatment.
I have associates in Utah who carry moderately customized 1911s on duty. One even carries a custom built STI 40.
My current team handgun is my Dave Stagg Storm lake bbl. 5in 45. I recently got it back in a trade and carry in off duty and for team events. Waiting for my Heines to swap out for the novacks that are on it currently. I also wish that it had 20lpi checkering instead of the 30lpi. the 20lpi would be better with my nomex gloves, but it was a prize gun, so I aint gonna bitch at all. Wont get to replace my 9mm beretta, but at least I get to carry it on my own time! Be Safe, DougC
Tweaks and upgrades, yep, full custom, nope. I wouldn't carry a full custom on duty (not that I have one)for the same reason I wouldn't wear a Rolex on duty (not that I have one of them either). If something unforseen should happen to it, my agency sure wouldn't replace it.
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