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Ok what action and builder would be used for your cost no object custom rifle? Nesika actions?

I am thinking of something for target shooting, maybe light benchrest competitions or varmit shooting. Basically small bullets, max accuracy and range with no cost limits.

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Look at the benchrest reports in Precision Shooting and have one of the top ten builders put it togeather for your. You might have to waite a half a year to a year but that's fast compared to some waits. I had a Remington sillouett built by Fred Sinclair then converted to switch barrel and a hunter bench stock, and jewel trigger at 1 1/2 oz. pull. It's in the origional Hart .308 Win tight neck, 6mm PCP tight neck, and 6.5x.284 Win tight neck with a switch scope setup with a 20x Redfield and Weaver 36 power on Davidson bases & Kelbly rings. There is an article in PS November issue about the 6.5x.284 and prairie doggin at 1,500 yards... Have fun building your rifle ... :grin: Mike

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I really like Kelbly Stolle Panda (right bolt, left port) actions for benchrest stuff. The Gilkies action is also excellent and you can use Anschutz triggers in his.

You are most likely going to have to use a 6BR or PPC, 68 gn bullets, Vhit 133 or 135 powder and a McMillian stock. There is always the old standby, the 222 Rem.

Scopes are hard, I like Nightforce and Leupold, in that order.

Contact Speedy Gonzalez or Jim Borden for smithing. Get yourself a subscription to Precision shooting and keep an eye around page 101, that is the want ad section.

And, when in Phoenix, avoid Brunos shooting supply near the Ben Avery range. He has Stolle actions and McMillian in stock. Some would consider that a good thing, Visa did, my wife didn’t...

AF Shooting Team

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Howdy Guys,

I myself do prefer Nesika actions. I have three of them personally right now.

A "J" 1.47" diameter in 6ppc .260 neck with a Krieger S/S heavy varmint barrel in one of our MBR stocks. With a Nesika one piece base. Badger Ordinance rings holding a new 35 power Leupold BR scope.

A "K" 1.47" diameter Tactical in 6.5x284 .284 neck with a Krieger custom contoured barrel finished at 29" in our one of our McHale stocks. Also with a Nesika tapered long range one piece base, Badger Ordinance rings holding a U.S. Optics SN-1/TAR 17x scope with an 80mm obj.

And a "G" in .30/.378 Weatherby with a #5 Krieger barrel in one of or Nesika Varmint stocks, Sunny Hill floorplate, Nesika two piece bases with Warne rings holding a Leupold 3.5-10x50 scope.

All of the rifles have Jewell triggers.

Yes, I really like the actions. I personally fell they are the best for the money myself.

And my suggestion for the "smith" would be Tom Meredith.

Just my two humble cents, Jim Hanson.

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks Inc,

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